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Mobile waste sorting complexes

Mobile waste sorting complexes

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The cost of products is calculated individually, depending on the configuration, equipment configuration and customer requirements.

Mobile waste sorting complexes are designed for autonomous operational sorting of solid municipal waste in places where the construction of stationary waste sorting lines is impossible or impractical (garbage dumps, closed MSW landfills, temporary waste accumulation sites, etc. )
Main settings
Execution mobile - chassis
Sorting technology automated
Separation of fines automatic
Metered supply of MSW to the separator automatic
Number of paired posts of manual sort 4
Climatic cabin Yes
Sorting yard Yes
Ferrous metal separation automatic

Reclamation of lands occupied by spontaneous dumps, unauthorized and temporary landfills is associated with high costs for loading and transporting solid waste to industrial disposal sites. Unsorted stock contains over 60% ballast biodegradable or neutral components that can be left in place or disposed of. The solution to this issue is a mobile solid waste sorting complex (MSW), which is developed and produced by the Megalion Group of Companies and solves the problem of removing "long - lived" waste from the territory. More than 90% of domestically produced elements are used in the complete set of electrical and mechanical parts of the equipment.

Features of the technical solution

The mobility of the complex is achieved by installing its main working elements on the chassis of a standard trailer.

Auxiliary equipment and equipment:

  • autonomous electric generator;
  • mini bucket loader;
  • vertical press;
  • press compactor;
  • containers, etc. ,
    (transported on another semi - trailer).

Additional lifting equipment is not required to deploy a mobile waste sorting complex. Garbage is fed to the sorting line by a hydraulic manipulator with a grab gripper. For safe work by the sorters, each workstation has an emergency stop button for the line.

Sorting technology

The sorting process on a mobile complex differs from the stationary version of the sorting line in that the main task is to separate components that are used as secondary raw materials and, when decomposed, have a harmful effect on the environment (plastics, plastics, films, rubber, batteries, etc. ). The hydraulic manipulator loads the waste into a receiving hopper, from which the waste is evenly fed to a rotary separator. Further, the MSW stream purified from fines is sent to the manual sorting zone, where the specified components of recyclable materials are separated. The sorters' workplaces are equipped with pull - out containers. Sorting "tails" are dumped onto a flat area where a bucket loader works, loading garbage into a container or compactor . . . The selected recyclable materials are fed to the briquetting press.

How to work with us

The mobile waste sorting complex, which our company offers to buy , allows us to solve the problem of sorting and utilizing solid environmentally harmful pollution in remote and relatively small areas. The use of the complex significantly reduces the cost of land reclamation, because after sorting, biologically active or neutral screenings remain on the site. You can get additional information about technical specifications, options, terms of payment and delivery or consultation by contacting phone numbers or through the feedback form.

The mobile MSW sorting complex is formed on the basis of two semi - trailers for truck tractors. The first semi - trailer houses the sorting module, the second (auxiliary) - special equipment and additional equipment. The sorting and auxiliary modules are transported by standard truck tractors with hydraulic manipulators.

Sorting module composition:


  • semitrailer;
  • metering hopper;
  • rotary separator;
  • sorting conveyor;
  • retractable conveyor for removal of small fraction of MSW from under the rotary separator;
  • mobile conveyors for removal of fines and "tails" of MSW sorting;
  • magnetic separator;
  • climatic cabin (wall material - sandwich panels);
  • line control electrical cabinet;
  • frame structures for installation of conveyor equipment and equipment for work places of sorters.


Additional (optional) equipment:


  • a truck tractor with a hydraulic manipulator;
  • diesel generator;
  • mini bucket loader;
  • vertical press;
  • press compactor.


The order of the mobile complex.

The semi - trailer, on which the sorting equipment (sorting module) is installed, is transported by a truck tractor with a hydraulic manipulator to the place of operation of the complex. The mobile complex includes a second truck tractor with a semitrailer, which transports additional equipment and special equipment (mini - loader, autonomous power plant, pressing equipment, change houses, etc. ).

Preparation of the mobile complex for operation includes the following basic operations:
- installation of the semi - trailer on stops;
- uncoupling of a tractor with a hydraulic manipulator from a semi - trailer, unloading of special equipment and additional equipment;
- extension of the conveyor for removing small fraction of MSW from under the rotary separator;
- placement of mobile conveyors for removal of fines and "tails" of MSW sorting;
- connection of the complex to the power supply;
- preparation of the site for the collection of MSW and equipment for pressing recyclable materials and sorting "tails" (if necessary).

The bucket loader moves the waste within the reach of the manipulator to the MSW pick - up area. The manipulator captures MSW and delivers it to the metering hopper, from which the waste is dosed to the rotary separator. The fine fraction separator sifts MSW, removes fractions from it with a size of less than 70 mm. Small fractions are poured onto the ground or into an open container through the discharge conveyor.
The sifted MSW is fed from the rotary separator to the sorting conveyor. Along the sorting conveyor, there are work places for sorters that select useful fractions from the general MSW stream and dump them into containers or big bags through the dumps.
After the sorting conveyor, there is a discharge conveyor, above which a magnetic separator is located. for the selection of ferromagnetic materials.
Residues of MSW - sorting “tails”, are poured onto the ground or into an open container.
Containers or big bags with selected useful fractions are transported to the place of pressing or processing.


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Mobile waste sorting complexes
Mobile waste sorting complexes
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