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Moonshine still of Gorynych of 12 l buy in Krasnodar
Buy Moonshine still of Gorynych of 12 l
Moonshine still of Gorynych of 12 l

Moonshine still of Gorynych of 12 l

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Russia, Krasnodar
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandГорыныч
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Weight5 kg
  • MaterialStainless steel
  • Volume of the tank12 
  • Productivity3 l/h

kharakteristik of the moonshine still of Gorynych:

Volume of a distillation cube: 12 / 20 / 30 l

Cooler type: Flowing

Productivity: 3 l/h

Thermometer: Is

Sukhoparnik: Is

Material: Food stainless steel

Description of the moonshine still of Gorynych:

This model not for nothing received the status the HIT of sales.

In it all wishes of our clients for many years of existence are collected.

  1. Wide mouth, for convenient washing of the device, after preparation.
  2. The thermometer established in a tube that allows to determine STEAM temperature with a bigger accuracy
  3. The vertical refrigerator that allows a product to leave a smooth stream, without "spittles"
  4. Existence of the drain valve (in the form of the crane) in a sukhoparnik, for the convenient discharge making after process of selection of "heads"
  5. Thickness of a stainless steel is 1.5 mm of a wall, a bottom and the top part - 2 mm.
  6. IDEALLY equal seams, model perfectly approaches as a gift!
  7. 5 meters of a hose for cooling, 2 silicone hoses for discharge from a sukhoparnik, and an exit of a ready-made product, and also an adapter on the crane, for convenient connection of cooling are included in the package of each device Thermosphere
  8. Laying is made of silicone that relieves a ready-made product of any smells or smacks.
  9. Wide connecting tubes which exclude risk of a blockage, even at distillation of the most dense home brew.

What else it is necessary to know about the device of Gorynych?

The top and bottom of tanks - thickness of 2 mm a tank Sidewall - thickness of 1 mm the Flange of a distiller is made by a stamping method - thickness of 2 mm the Moonshine still is manufactured according to the classical scheme, with one difference - in front of the condenser the sukhoparnik in whom heavy fractions (fusel oils) are condensed is added. The coil of a distiller is executed with a stock on productivity. The fact that the product leaves with a temperature to the equal temperature of the cooling water, at any modes of heating demonstrates to it. The coil is made of a corrosion-proof tube, with an internal diameter of 12 mm. Because of the big diameter of a coil through passage in system excessive pressure is not created, the thermometer shows the correct temperature, steam moves slowly and the condensed product is cooled practically up to the temperature of the cooling water. From above a tank an opening with a diameter of 100 mm in which freely there passes the hand for washing. The flange of a distiller is made by a stamping method. The flange fastens to a tank through laying from food silicone and is fixed by screws lambs.

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Moonshine still of Gorynych of 12 l
Moonshine still of Gorynych of 12 l
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