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Newton Omega 800 Universal Inhibitor

Newton Omega 800 Universal Inhibitor

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Newton Omega 800 




Universal migratory corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcement in concrete




Basic properties:




• easy to use

• economical

• prevents the development of existing corrosion centers on the metal and the emergence of new

• does not change the appearance of concrete

• increases the service life of reinforced concrete structures by 10 or more times

• protects metal in concrete, high chloride content

• protects against corrosion, migrates even into the densest concrete

• postpones the overhaul of reinforced concrete structures for a long time

• easy to apply by spray, roller or brush

• forms a protective film on the fittings

• eliminates the need for direct application of anti - corrosion material to metal

• does not reduce the adhesion of concrete to reinforcement

• does not affect the strength and frost resistance of concrete

• allows concrete to "breathe", does not interfere with vapor diffusion

• water - based material, non - flammable

• safe and environmentally friendly




Instructions for use:




The technology for using "Omega 800" depends on the specific task. For impregnation of finished reinforced concrete products, the solution is applied to a concrete surface cleaned of contamination with a brush, roller or spraying. Dosage 0.3 - 0.6 l / m2. Omega 800 can be added with water for mixing into concrete used for repair and restoration work. Dosage 1 - 3% by weight of cement.








Instructions for use




OMEGA 800 is an aqueous solution of highly effective corrosion inhibitors (setting retarders), mutually reinforcing the protective effect of each other, additionally containing penetrating additives.




OMEGA 800 is a migratory corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcement in concrete. When OMEGA 800 is applied to the surface of a reinforced concrete product or when the drug is added to the mixture used for repair work, the drug is absorbed into the concrete stone, reaches the reinforcement, is adsorbed on it and, forming nanoscale protective layers, stops the corrosive destruction of the metal.




OMEGA 800 does not require dilution. Stir before use. For impregnation of reinforced concrete products, the consumption of the drug is 0.3 - 0.6 l / m2. When added to concrete used in repair and restoration work - 2 - 6% of the mass of cement.







Release form: it is produced in the form of an aqueous solution and is packed in plastic containers of any volume.

Shelf life: when stored in a closed container up to 5 years.

Terms of delivery: Delivery is possible in a plastic container with a volume of 1000 liters for further packaging at the place of use in a more suitable one.

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Newton Omega 800 Universal Inhibitor
Newton Omega 800 Universal Inhibitor
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