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Non-standard welding works, welding as ARGON - the left coas order in Novosibirsk
Order Non-standard welding works, welding as ARGON - the left coas
Non-standard welding works, welding as ARGON - the left coas

Non-standard welding works, welding as ARGON - the left coas

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Non-standard welding works (argon) Welding as argon are a new word in technologies of electric welding. Thanks to modern achievements of science and technology use of inert gases for improvement not only qualities of welding, but also speed of performance of work became possible. Let's try to look at this rather difficult technological process in more detail.

It is known that argon is an inert gas, without color and a smell. Actually on such property of inert gases as low chemical activity and that inert gases enter chemical reactions only under certain and not simple conditions, and welding is based by argon. The basic purpose of use of argon in the course of welding is a protection of the welded metals against hit of unnecessary impurity or oxidation in the course of welding. Many metals at interaction with oxygen are oxidized that has an adverse effect not only on welding process, but also on physical properties of these metals. Application in the course of welding of inert gas, in this case argon, allows to create the protective atmosphere from this gas, and welding happens without oxygen access. As a result of welding the integral and tight seam which considerably surpasses the seams received by means of other types of welding or the soldering in the characteristics turns out.

Welding the agronomist is applied today in many areas including at repair work of separate parts and knots of the car. In particular thanks to application of this type of welding repair of such knots as a radiator, rims, air conditioning tubes and many other things is possible.

We make all types of welding works –




Argon allows to perform welding works not only with ferrous metals, steel, stainless steel, but also with non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum or duralumin. Our firm has wide experience of application of welding by argon in the course of repair of rims. We cook argon for a long time, and gained invaluable experience which allows to perform works qualitatively and reliably, and you for certain will be satisfied with the level of the performed works. When we cook argon, we use the modern and reliable equipment that also in a positive side influences quality of a butt seam. For welding the additive wire the most suitable for the connected details is selected that also explains high quality and reliability of the welding works performed by our experts.

What argonno-arc welding could not make can be corrected service in the DUSTING of METALS, and overlapping of microcracks and a time.

Features of new technology allow us to apply it in such cases of repair when any of traditional technologies cannot be used or WHEN NADEZHDA NA VOSSTANOVLENIYE of the DETAIL of YOUR CAR ALREADY DIED!!!

First of all, it belongs to repair of thin-walled details and details of a difficult configuration for which the influence of high temperatures leading to emergence of internal tension in details and deformations (change of geometry) is inadmissible.

Features of process:

Preliminary removal of technical pollution, (in particular, oils) from the processed detail is not required.

Process of "building" of metal does not demand heating, and then coolings of the processed detail - as it becomes at repair of defects by means of argon welding.

Sealing of openings and cracks in metal radiators, condensers, heat exchangers and other products. Repair of corrosion and mechanical damages, holes, progar, chips, filling of cracks, gullies and other defects in aluminum, steel and pig-iron details. Filling of cavities, a time, cracks and other defects in products from aluminum and its alloys.

High uniformity, napylyaemy threw, provides full tightness of seams. At the same time seams turn out equal and accurate that has too not small value.


To make REPAIR practically of ANY DAMAGES of aluminum tubes and condensers, evaporators, aluminum radiators of cooling or heating of salon:

To restore or make knots of the exhaust system of the car:

To make repair of pig-iron, steel details and units, products from aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Also we carry out the soldering and welding of the Party of Social Reforms of brass and copper.

We work as on cash, and clearing settlement, payment by the card including. 

You can in comfortable conditions wait for the end of repair work.

If repair work occupies time more, than one working day, then your car remains under reliable protection and video surveillance. 

Attention! Cost is specified average and can change depending on the volume and complexity of the performed works. 

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Non-standard welding works, welding as ARGON - the left coas
Non-standard welding works, welding as ARGON - the left coas
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