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Ogolovok borehole Aquarius of OS 113-127/32 with a direct exi buy in Moscow
Buy Ogolovok borehole Aquarius of OS 113-127/32 with a direct exi
Ogolovok borehole Aquarius of OS 113-127/32 with a direct exi

Ogolovok borehole Aquarius of OS 113-127/32 with a direct exi

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Ogolovok borehole Aquarius of OS 113-127/32 with a direct exit

Ogolovok borehole Aquarius with a direct exit

Purpose of a borehole ogolovk

Traditional wells, though are famous for clear water, but this purity is noticeable only in comparison with tap water. Despite all efforts to cover water from hit in it of garbage and living creatures, in practice it works well not always.


Another matter – artesian wells. Such well can be corked hermetically by means of a special ogolovk who besides performs one more important function: holds the compressor in the well.

You reflect on whether it is worth buying ogolovka borehole? Then consider that he allows to solve the following problems with success:

  • protection of the well against hit of garbage in it in the form of the earth, leaves and so forth -
  • prevention of pure mixing from the lower horizons and water of the worst quality from the top horizons -
  • creation of an obstacle for frogs, insects and other water-loving live beings -
  • protection of the equipment and the well against actions of vandals -
  • protection of the compressor against theft -
  • creation in the well of a sparseness which helps to raise the debit of the well -
  • creation of a support for the compressor and simplification to owners of access to it.

Technical characteristics of "Aquarius"

  • Ogolovok borehole Aquarius, it is calculated by OGS 113-127/32 on packing of the casing pipes having diameter of 113-127 mm and accession to it of pressure head pipes with a diameter of 32 mm (the most popular standard size). It is made of the high-strength plastic differing in resistance to blows, pressure and other adverse effects. Also to an ogolovka the electrocable of 6-12 mm and the pump weighing up to 200 kg join.
  • Design of "Aquarius" such is that he is mounted without welding use, at the expense of special clips on bolts. Tightening them, you move clamping a flange with a ring sealant from rubber towards to a cover. The cover is equipped an eye nuts for which ogolovka it is possible to lift any mechanism, suitable for this purpose.
  • From thieves and vandals of ogolovka it is protected by secret heads of bolts which can be turned off only by means of a special key.
  • At last, ogolovka tight borehole OGS 113-127/32 has excellent appearance that in general improves an esthetics of the site on which there is a well.

Technology of installation of "Aquarius"

The manufacturer of "Aquarius" in technical documentation step by step describes the procedure of installation of a borehole ogolovk. Briefly we will characterize it here.

  • First of all, in ought a look the edge of casing pipe is given – for this purpose it is exactly cut off, all roughnesses are eliminated: agnails are removed, the surface of a cut is polished.
  • Then the casing pipe, the pump and an electrocable providing its food connect. All connections are fixed by collars.
  • The second end of the cable recorded to the compressor it is necessary to attach to lower an eye nut of a borehole ogolovk, to pass a pressure head pipe and an electrocable.
  • Are put on casing pipe a rubber ring and clamping a flange by the flat party up.
  • Further, the compressor is lowered to the well. It is important that at the same time the cable between the compressor and ogolovky was tense and equipment weight fell on it.
  • Ogolovok borehole 113-125/32 mm establish on casing pipe then the bolts tightening a flange and a rubber ring drag on. At the same time it is important not to draw bolts not to destroy plasticity of the case.
  • The electrocable is tightened and clamped by cable input not to allow its sagging. The collet clip with the same purpose fixes also a pressure head pipe which is tightened also previously.

Attention: track the cable with the suspended pump was tense, and the weight of the pump fell on it.

Country producer Russia
Additional characteristics
Outer diameter of casing pipe of the well 113-125 mm
Outer diameter of water lifting pipe PND 32 mm
Material Plastic
Condition of a product New
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Ogolovok borehole Aquarius of OS 113-127/32 with a direct exi
Ogolovok borehole Aquarius of OS 113-127/32 with a direct exi
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