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On-line FT-IR spectrometer MATRIX-F

On-line FT-IR spectrometer MATRIX-F

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBruker

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The award winning MATRIX - F spectrometer for process control directly in the reactors and pipelines. On - line analysis can significantly deeper understanding, and thus effectively control the production process.



• Accurate measurements in seconds

• Multi - analysis
• Non - destructive analysis
• Integrated 6 - channel multiplexer (optional)
• The direct transfer methods
• Robust design
• Ability to connect an Ethernet LAN and other industrial communication protocols


FT - NIR analysis in real time

Control technological processes in real - time has a number of advantages and is an integral part of any production process. However, installation of industrial analyzer in close proximity to the point at which the process is controlled, related to the following difficulties: sudden changes in temperature, dust and dirt in the production facilities, the lack of ability to provide easy access to the device, the need for the installation of the analyzer in explosion - proof area.
The use of fiber optic technology allows measurements at any point in the process. MATRIX - F is set to the optimum for the operation of the analyzer, for example, in an industrial enclosure. Thus measurements can be performed at a remote distance from the device through the use of optical fiber that meets all the requirements for protection of industrial. Bruker Optics offers complete solutions for various industrial analytical tasks.

MATRIX - F functions as standard fiber optic sensors and flow cell, and with sensors for contactless measurement.


Depending on the user tasks, Bruker company offers several models of MATRIX - F:

MATRIX - F: classical model FT - NIR spectrometer with a fiber optic connector for connecting the flow cell and reference sensors (for analysis of solid and liquid samples).
MATRIX - F emission: special spectrometer model designed only to work with fiber emission sensors for contactless measurement.
MATRIX - F duplex: for simultaneous use of fiber optic sensors and emission.

advanced technology

MATRIX - F - FT - NIR spectrometer for use in harsh industrial environments.


The latest optical scheme, implemented in the device allows the use of modern methods to achieve unparalleled sensitivity and stability of the measurement results, it is impossible to less sensitive and less accurate equipment. As well, thanks to the innovative design of the analyzer, direct transfer methods is possible with the device to the instrument, which helps to minimize downtime spectrometer. The analyzer supports all industrial communication protocols, so that the device can be easily integrated into modern automation systems and production management.


On the development of a new method MATRIX - F can be transferred to the laboratory. With ready by the instrument is integrated back into the production scheme without any additional settings. At the production site the spectrometer can be incorporated in a standard 19 "rack or set autonomously. Execution Analyzer IP66 enclosure in accordance with the electrical protection classification according to NEMA. To connect fiber optic sensors spectrometer equipped with a 6 - channel multiplexer.


MATRIX - F ex - proof

Explosion - proof MATRIX - F complies with the ATEX Directive. Class of protection:
  • II 2G Ex px II T6 Gb
  • II (1) G [Ex op is T4 Ga] II C


MATRIX - F is reliable and easy to maintain. Consumables, such as lasers and light sources do not require additional alignment after replacement. For maintenance of the device does not require professional challenge, which minimizes downtime analyzer.

Validation of the working characteristics of the device

MATRIX - F has an automatic changer validation filters and standard samples to monitor the correct operation of the spectrometer. The tests of the spectrometer, the assessment and verification of performance analyzer for compliance with technical specifications are carried out with the help of a software module OVP (OPUS Validation Program). This procedure is a prerequisite for the use of the analyzer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Data exchange

CMET – программный модуль, позволяющий интегрировать ПО OPUS в любую систему управления технологическим процессом и использовать различные варианты интерфейсов и протоколов обмена данными: 4 - 20 мА, Modbus, Profibus DP и OPC.

Все права защищены одним или несколькими ниже перечисленными патентами: US 7034944

Максимум практичности

Matrix - F единственный FT - NIR спектрометр, с помощью которого возможно проводить как контактные так и бесконтактные измерения образцов, используя оптоволоконную технологию.

  • Оптоволоконные датчики: Классические датчики диффузного отражения, датчики трансфлекции и датчики пропускания. В зависимости от параметров технологического процесса подбирается различная длина оптического пути датчика, проточная ячейка для установки в процесс или вариант сборки опытной установки. Возможные варианты материала датчиков: Hastelloy или нержавеющая сталь.
  • Sensors for contactless measurement: Fiber Optic NIR radiation sensors and recording comprise tungsten light sources that illuminate the sample. The scattered light is collected and fed through a fiber optic cable to the spectrometer. Thus, the measurement is performed remotely, at a distance, which opens up opportunities for the application of this technique in various industrial fields. 6 can be connected to the sensors K emission spectrometer MATRIX - F or to the spectrometer MATRIX - F duplex simultaneously.

FT - NIR monitoring process

These days, every manufacturer is fighting not only for the quality of the product, but also to increase production efficiency. The first step in this direction - the transition from the laboratory process monitoring for on - line monitoring. On - line monitoring enables to optimize consumption of raw materials, to reduce or eliminate the production yield of byproducts and thus minimize the cost of secondary processing of raw materials and disposal of waste.


Process monitoring includes monitoring of chemical processes, quality control of the intermediate and final products.
  • Direct measurement in reactors, piping, or on conveyor belts.
  • Non - contact measurement over large distances
  • A deeper understanding and better control over the process.
  • An ideal tool for the control of homogeneity in the mixing process, the concentration of chemical components and polymerization steps in various processes.

Manufacturer Bruker
Model MATRIX - F

The company offers a wide range of laboratory equipment: Elemental analyzers, Bioreactors, vacuum laboratory equipment, Weighing equipment, viscometers, hoods, gas analyzers, sample dividers, Dispersants and mixers, Dispensers for liquids, dosimeters and radiometers, Test equipment and sample preparation, Cages and racks for rodents, birds, mammals, complex Koch equipment, Test and measurement lab equipment, laboratory Hubs, cryostorages, Kjeldahl apparatus, laboratory furniture, Laminar boxes, freeze - drying, Medical furniture, medical laboratory equipment, mills, crushers, Laboratory microscopes, mineralizer laboratory, laboratory pumps, equipment for measuring length, Machinery for cleaning of laboratory glassware, equipment for sampling, sterilization equipment,

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On-line FT-IR spectrometer MATRIX-F
On-line FT-IR spectrometer MATRIX-F
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