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Online Ultrasonic kontsentratomer solution

Online Ultrasonic kontsentratomer solution

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Online Ultrasonic kontsentratomer (solution)

This device is on-line and fast measurement of concentration, for measurement concentration of the environment of solution dibasic.


1. Despite a turbidity, chromaticity, conductivity and speed.

2. Simple and reliable structure, fast measurement with high precision, wide scope of application. Can work in the dead nature without difficult with protection, can join in system avtomatizatsionny managements.

3.bez chemical and radiation pollution, it is safe for health and Wednesday.

4. Osobstvenny tekhnoliya at the choice of frequency and processing of signals at the same time will increase measuring resolution and will provide stable measuring results in environments of small klichestvo bubbles.


This device is used to on-line measurement of concentration of solution and an emulsion of a low krepnost, to the quantitative analysis of concentration of elements of the environment, at once it will turn out percent of the dissolved substance, will effectively reduce works of the laboratory analysis, saves time and expenses; the on-line control equipment for production can be also used, participate in control of processes and automated control systems, will increase production automation, saves costs of labor while quality of production and efficiency daily improves.

Concrete applications:

1. Chemical industry: Measurement of concentration of odd cyanamide, methanol, alcohol, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, pergidrola etc.

2. Biochemistry: analysis of protein content

3. Paper industry: measurement of concentration of cooking liquid and squeezing alkali

4. Beer business: analysis of content of malt sugar and alcohol

5. Foodstuff: analysis of content of starch, glucose, fructose, sorbite, acetic acid, milk, whey, fruit juice etc.

DFB-0300glavny mechanism

DFB-4200 Perenositel pipeline type

Technical parameter

principle of measurement measurement in the way of speed of a sound
measurement functions
acoustic characteristic measures the speed of a sound and attenuation of a sound of the environment of course of measuring area of the recarrier in real time
temperature in real time takes temperature of the environment of course of measuring area of the recarrier
concentration measures concentration in real time main structure of the environment of course of measuring area of the recarrier
Technical indicator
Sphere of speed of a sound 20 ~ 3200m/s

20 ~ 3200m/sec.

Sound speed accuracy Typical accuracy 0.02m/sec.
Permissions of a sound and time 45ps
Measuring sphere of temperature 0 °C ~ 100 °C
Measuring accuracy of temperature 0.1%
Sphere of concentration 0 ~ 60% it is curled from types of the environment
Measuring accuracy of concentration 0.1 the % is twisted from types of the environment
Measuring environments The dibasic mixed solutions and the polybasic mixed solutions with stable structure, special solutions it is necessary to send tests for test.
main mechanism
power supply ~ 220Во± 50gerts/60gerts
dispersion of power <15 Watt
ambient temperature - 20 °C ~ +85 °C
degree of protection IP65
reaction time As much as possible: 1 senk.
indication 8? 24 signs of a lattice, a blue bottom with white the sign LCD, with illumination
data recording With protection function dannyekh in real time and references of the schedule of data of historical temperature and concentration, volume 256KB, maximum record day 3000


communication RS485
software In a kompleta with main a mekhnizm and measuring system of the software.

It is possible to deliver for a fee independently studied PO system of a host which works at the personal computer (Windows Xp iliwindows 2000), can show the schedule of measuring historical data in real time and operate glany a mekhnizm of this production.

exit 4 ~ 20mA

±0.15% of an error of reading

RL <750?

Sphere of pressure 1MPa
degree of protection IP68
Recarrier materials Elections 304, 316 alloys Hastella
anti-corrosion It is possible to apply to measure acids and alkalis and salts, special environments it is necessary to order recarriers in advance.
Types of the recarrier Pipeline and connected (everything to mozhnozakazyvat)
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Online Ultrasonic kontsentratomer solution
Online Ultrasonic kontsentratomer solution
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