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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
ОРАКУЛ®биоцинк - the concentrated microfertilizer for extra root top dressing of field, vegetable and long-term cultures in the form of biological chelate.

ОРАКУЛ®биоцинк - high-pure microfertilizer, does not contain ballast additives therefore does not cause burns of leaves. Effectively liquidates deficiency of zinc in plants. It is completely acquired through a sheet surface of plants.

Zinc is a part of the active centers of enzymes, takes direct participation in synthesis of a chlorophyll. Influence of zinc on growth of plants is carried out by tryptophane amino acid synthesis control which is a predecessor of auxin - growth regulator. Zinc regulates protein synthesis, thanks to its influence on a metabolism of nucleinic acids and in particular RNA.At sufficient nutrition by zinc and sharp change of air temperature, breath of plants gives in to differences less. It is one of the reasons zharo-and frost resistance of plants.

Zinc positively influences photosynthesis and processes of a fosforirovaniye, i.e. a carbohydrate exchange. Presence of zinc is a necessary condition for synthesis of carbohydrates in cages. At a lack of zinc of leaves and roots of plants phenolic connections, fitosterola or litsetina collect, the content of starch decreases.

The greatest need for zinc is felt by corn, flax, grapes, fruit, leguminous, sugar beet, sunflower, onions, potatoes, cabbage and cucumbers.

Symptoms of a lack of zinc develop on all plant or are localized on old lower leaves. At first on leaves of the lower and average tiers, and then and on all leaves of a plant spots of gray-brown and purple color appear. Fabrics of such sites die off. Young leaves abnormally small and covered with yellow spots or evenly hlorotichna, accept slightly vertical position. Edges of leaves can twist up. The root system is poorly developed, grown brown. Stalks are thin. Growth of interstices is sharply broken, undersized plants are formed. Leaves very narrow are also twirled in the form of a spiral. At zinc starvation few fruit kidneys are stuffed up, there is a negative influence on formation of seeds.

The lack of zinc is most often observed on sandy, sandy, and also carbonate soils. The need for zinc strongly increases at high temperatures of air.
At application ОРАКУЛ®биоцинк there is a decrease in defeat of plants fungal diseases, sugar content of fruit and berry crops increases. Also cold constancy of plants increases zasukho-, zharo-.

The preparation contains high concentration of ions of zinc that provides reduction of doses of introduction and according to costs of hectare. Also amino acids which are perceived by cages as a natural source of organic nitrogen therefore ОРАКУЛ®биоцинк it is very quickly acquired by leaves are a part of a preparation and eliminates the diseases caused by deficiency of zinc.

Due to direct use of amino acids power expenses which plants spend for production of proteins are reduced.

Therefore ОРАКУЛ®биоцинк increases viscosity of protoplasm, osmotic pressure, improves water-retaining ability of fabrics of plants.

As a part of a preparation composition zinc + sulfur regulates growth of vegetative weight and oppresses fungal diseases. Nitrogen in ОРАКУЛ®биоцинк is in an ammoniac and amide form which improve development of roots.
Microfertilizer to be in a liquid state and is ready to immediate application. At observance of storage conditions it does not crystallize, applied in the wide range of temperatures, since +5 °C.
ОРАКУЛ®биоцинк it is possible to use in any water. In hard water active ingredient does not enter interaction with rigidity salts (calcium and magnesium) therefore there is no danger of formation of sulfate of calcium (plaster) which can lead to failure of opryskivatelny equipment.
ОРАКУЛ®биоцинкоказывает strong physiological influence on plants, which:
  • strengthens development of roots and regulates growth of vegetative weight;
  • stabilizes synthesis of a chlorophyll, protein and carbohydrates in cages;
  • accelerates rates of formation of a chlorophyll, prevents destruction of chlorolayers that does photosynthesis by the most effective;
  • raises zasukho-, zharo-and frost resistance of plants;
  • reduces a porazhayemost of plants fungal diseases;
  • increases sugar content of fruit and berry crops.
It is recommended to apply in common with a growth factor of plants ВЫМПЕЛ® .
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ORAKUL® microfertilizer biozinc
ORAKUL® microfertilizer biozinc
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