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ORAKUL® microfertilizer magnesium chelate

ORAKUL® microfertilizer magnesium chelate

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
ОРАКУЛ®хелат magnesium - the concentrated microfertilizer in a helatny (organic) form for extra root top dressing of field, vegetable and long-term cultures.
ОРАКУЛ®хелат magnesium - high-pure microfertilizer, does not contain ballast additives therefore does not cause burns of leaves. Effectively liquidates deficiency of magnesium in plants. It is completely acquired through a sheet surface of plants.

Magnesium is a part of a chlorophyll. In the form of phosphates it is in nucleins, pectinaceous substances, phytin which contains phosphorus and is double salt of magnesium and calcium of phytin acid. Magnesium supports structure of ribosomes, connecting RNA and protein. Ions of Mg2 + improve conditions of inclusion of amino acids in proteins. Increase in content of magnesium stimulates enzyme which increases activity of assimilation of CO2.

Magnesium is necessary for fast passing of growth processes, cell fission, maintenance of level of proteins, a structure of pectinaceous substances of cellular walls, and also favorably influences digestion of phosphorus.

The lack of magnesium is shown in destruction of a chlorophyll. As magnesium reutilizirutsya from old bodies in younger, damages are better visible on old leaves. Veins of leaves remain green, and the sites of fabrics located between veins have more pale coloring. It is called spotty (marble) hlorozy. Edges of leaves twist and die off.

All cultures, and especially plants of short day are sensitive to a lack of magnesium: corn, sorghum, sugar beet, and also potatoes, leguminous and grapes. Magnesian insufficiency is shown at plants in areas of the increased moistening on cespitose and podsolic soils of easy mechanical structure as the part of magnesium, available to them, is washed away in deeper horizons. The cold spring and low level rn (<5,0) reduce availability of the magnesium which is available in the soil to plants. Deficiency of magnesium is also observed on sour soils because of its transition to a state, inaccessible for plants.

To increase of doses of mineral fertilizers which contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, first of all, there is a change of a ratio in the soil between magnesium and potassium in favor of the last. Besides, formation of big crops on the fertilized backgrounds requires more magnesium that in turn increases quantity of magnesium forms available to a plant, especially on sour and sandy soils.

At emergence of the first signs of a hloroz or as prevention on soils poor in magnesium it is necessary to carry out extra root top dressing. Application of complex connections in a helatny form is the most effective.

Use ОРАКУЛ®хелат of magnesium at the beginning of a disease restores coloring of leaves and processes of regeneration of a chlorophyll. Thanks to strengthening of outflow of sugars from leaves in fruits and seeds, ОРАКУЛ®хелат magnesium increases quality of production. The preparation contains high concentration of ions of magnesium that provides reduction of doses of introduction, so and costs of hectare.
One more element - sulfur is a part of a preparation. If magnesium in composition ОРАКУЛ®хелат of magnesium is a part of a chlorophyll, then sulfur prevents destruction of chlorolayers that does photosynthesis by the most effective. Nitrogen in ОРАКУЛ®хелат magnesium is in the restored form which is easily acquired by a surface of leaves and improves development of roots.
The Helatiruyushchy agent in ОРАКУЛ®хелат magnesium uses a calamine. It possesses high biological activity, being a part of internal membranes of cages. Kolamin causes intensive digestion of moisture from the soil. Thanks to it ОРАКУЛ®хелат magnesium increases drought resistance of plants.

Microfertilizer to be in a liquid state and is ready to immediate application. At observance of storage conditions it does not crystallize, applied in the wide range of temperatures, since +5 °C.
ОРАКУЛ®хелат magnesium it is possible to use in any water. In hard water active ingredient does not enter interaction with calcium salts therefore there is no danger of formation of sulfate of calcium (plaster) which can lead to failure of opryskivatelny equipment.
ОРАКУЛ®хелат magniyaokazyvat strong physiological influence on plants which:
  • strengthens development of roots;
  • accelerates course of growth processes and cell fission;
  • restores processes of regeneration of a chlorophyll and strengthens beloksinteziruyushchy system;
  • prevents destruction of chlorolayers that does photosynthesis by the most effective;
  • activates enzymes, a proteinaceous and phosphoric exchange;
  • causes intensive assimilation by moisture plants from the soil, increasing drought resistance;
  • increases quality of production.

It is recommended to apply in common with a growth factor of plants ВЫМПЕЛ® .
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ORAKUL® microfertilizer magnesium chelate
ORAKUL® microfertilizer magnesium chelate
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