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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of fertilizerBiohumus
  • Form release fertilizerSolid
  • ColorТемно-коричневый цвет

The organic fertilizers produced by us can be used in the following industries:

- agriculture in general (mainly fertilization and soil improvement);

- growing crops that are the basis for the production of organic food;

- city gardening facilities;

- amateur gardeners;

- small - scale agricultural enterprises;

- landscaping of roadsides and railways, as well as reclamation of landfills;

- various other purposes.

Organic fertilizers are substances of plant and animal origin decomposed under the influence of microorganisms, which are introduced into the soil to increase the fertility and productivity of agricultural crops. We produce organic fertilizers from fermented bedding and bedding manure, slurry and poultry manure.

The use of organic fertilizers makes it possible to re - involve in the cycle of nutrients in agriculture some of the nutrients previously alienated from the soil with the harvest of agricultural crops.

Organic fertilizers are an energy material and a food source for soil microorganisms. Manure, slurry, dung intended for fermentation, which are raw materials for fertilizers, are rich in microorganisms. The rate of mineralization of organic fertilizers depends on their quantity. In the process of fermentation of manure, droppings, composts according to our technology, the vital activity of nitrogen - fixing bacteria, ammonifiers, nitrifiers and other beneficial microorganisms is activated, that is, as a result of production, we obtain fertilizers containing the maximum possible amount of nitrogen and other macroelements obtained naturally. Thus, the organic fertilizers obtained by us during the production process contain almost all the necessary nutrients for plants, therefore such fertilizers can be considered a complete fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers contain calcium and magnesium. Their regular introduction leads to a decrease in all forms of acidity, while the degree of saturation with bases increases, the buffer properties of the soil improve, and the nutrition of calcium and magnesium improves.

The importance of organic fertilizers is especially great in increasing the humus content in the soil. Thus, with a reduced humus content, organic fertilizers help maintain a deficit - free humus balance in the soil.

The end result of applying manure - based organic fertilizer to the soil is improved fertility and increased crop yields.

The gross percentage of macronutrients in our fertilizer is:

nitrogen - 5.9% - 59 kg per 1 ton of organic fertilizer;

phosphorus - 3.1% - 31kg in 1 ton of organic fertilizer;

potassium - 0.8% - 8kg per 1 ton of organic fertilizer.

From the above mentioned content of nutrients in 1.0 ton of organic fertilizer, a dose of 10 - 12 tons should be applied per 1 ha of sown area. The application rate for vegetable crops will be 20 t / ha. For potatoes with a yield of 180 - 200 c / ha, the dose of organic fertilization is 25 t / ha. To obtain average crop yields at the level of 20 c / ha, the doses of organic fertilization per 1 ha are recommended:

1.Cereal crops 12t / ha;

2. Vegetable and silage crops 25 t / ha;

3. Potatoes 25 t / ha.




The price of organic fertilizer is discussed individually, depending on the purchase volume and packaging.

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Organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer
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