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Organic fertilizer of Orgavit Chicken 600 gr buy in Orehovo-zuevo
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Organic fertilizer of Orgavit Chicken 600 gr

Organic fertilizer of Orgavit Chicken 600 gr

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  • BrandОРГАВИТ
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The organic granulated fertilizer.


On the basis of results of researches the ORGAVIT organic fertilizer on the maintenance of macrocells belongs to fertilizers of the class "premium". The main advantage of the ORGAVIT fertilizer in comparison with traditional types of organic fertilizers is high concentration of batteries in it. 1 ton of the ORGAVIT fertilizer contains about 100 kg of NPK. This advantage causes need of use of the ORGAVIT fertilizer for low doses. By efficiency of action for a harvest of crops does not concede to equal amount of nutrients of mineral fertilizers. The most part of biogenous elements is in an organic form, is practically not washed away from the soil, throughout all vegetative period evenly, in necessary quantity provides plants with nutrients. Introduction of the ORGAVIT fertilizer is not followed by sharp increase in contents in the soil of mobile forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and as a result – does not increase its toxicity.

Considerable advantage of the ORGAVIT fertilizer is its ecological safety. High-temperature processing effectively, reliably disinfects, neutralizes from causative agents of infectious, invasive diseases. Storage of the ORGAVIT fertilizer is not followed by noticeable losses of biogenous elements.

The granulated its form in the soil, in the period of a drought keeps moisture, slowly gives it to plants, microorganisms, creates more favorable conditions for formation of a harvest. Advantage of the granulated ORGAVIT fertilizer form is also the possibility of its local, more effective, less expensive introduction. The granulated form provides uniformity of introduction of the ORGAVIT fertilizer, the long its prolonging action.

The ORGAVIT fertilizer contains in an optimum ratio all necessary for growth of plants macro and the minerals, various amino acids, vitamins, phytohormones and other connections promoting fuller disclosure of their genetic potential. Guarantees excellent survival of seedling, increases rates of its growth and development. Strengthens regeneration processes, increases the resilience of plants to bacterial and mushroom diseases (especially, mealy dew, root gnilyam, a black leg, etc.), improves adaptation to fluctuations of temperature, humidity of the soil. Oligosaccharides as a part of fertilizer stimulate development of powerful root system of plants, increase productivity, quality of production, accelerate maturing of fruits, improve their lyozhkost at storage.

Fertilizer does not contain substances of an artificial origin, it is safe for environment, warm-blooded animals, birds, fishes, insects.

Fertilizer is easily acquired by plants, applied on all types of soils, under any vegetable, green, fruit and berry, flower, decorative cultures, lawn herbs.

ORGAVIT is the complex organic fertilizer well balanced macro and minerals which are in an available form for your plants.

ORGAVIT is the maximum ecological safety of your harvest.

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Organic fertilizer of Orgavit Chicken 600 gr
Organic fertilizer of Orgavit Chicken 600 gr
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