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Orion database manager of Missile defense

Orion database manager of Missile defense

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandБолид НВП

Automated workplace "-Orion Missile defense" - 1.11

Works with devices "-C2000" - "-C2000M" - "-C2000-KC" - "-the Signal-20" - "-the Signal-20P" - "-the Signal-20M" - "-the Signal-10" - "-C2000-4" - "-C2000-2" - "-S2000-SP1" - "-C2000-K" - "-S2000-KDL" - "-S2000-BI" - "-S2000-IT" - "-S2000-ASPT" - "-S2000-KPB" - "-the Loud-hailer" - "-S2000-PT" - "-the Flow-3N" - "-S2000-BI" - isp.01, "-C2000-KC" - "-the Loud-hailer" - isp.01, "-C2000-ADEM" - "-RIP-12-RS" - "-C2000-Ethernet" - "-S2000-BKI"-.


  • Expanded management. More than two hundred network clients united in a network (to 63 "-Operational tasks" - to 63 "-Monitors of system" - to 63 "-Report generators" - to 15 "-Accounting of working hours" - to 15 "-Database managers"-). A possibility of work with all serial ports of an operating system, connection to one COM port to 127 panels "-C2000" - / "-C2000M "-, to each panel to 127 ISO "-Orion" receiving and control devices - or connection to 127 receiving and control devices. Connection of systems of video surveillance and video registration of production ISS, ITV, VideoNet, Trassir, Vocord, Goal, etc.
  • Modular architecture and scalability. The system consists of separate functional modules by means of which it is possible to organize the full-fledged automated workplace on one computer, or to create a distributed network of the workplaces connected on Ethernet or the VPN channel. Each functional module due to flexible settings provides a possibility of specialization of separately taken workplace under a certain task. Building of system is implemented due to acquisition of additional modules already and in use.
  • Flexibility. The possibility of configuring of each functional module personally allows to implement specific specialization of each workplace under a certain problem, programming of scenarios of management by means of the built-in language, support of expandability define ability of system to function in compliance with features and specifics of the protected object.
  • Reliability. Support of functioning of local workplaces with "-the Operational task" - after loss of contact with the server of system. Support of hot sparing of the central server of system. This mechanism is based on a database replitsirovaniye in MS SQL (works only under control of MS SQL Server 2000).


Server of system

  • work with the database (MS SQL Server 2000, MSDE 2000, MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition), data transmission on a network on workplaces

Manager of the Central Server

  • creation of base of data -
  • upgrade of already created database in an automated workplace "-Orion" - (versions from 7.3 and above) or an automated workplace DB "-Orion Missile defense" - (version 1.9-1.10) -
  • possibility of merge/merging of two databases in one -
  • check of base of data -
  • backup of base of data -
  • removal of data from base -
  • setup of schedulers of database backup, removal of data -
  • setup of replication of the database (only for MS SQL 2000) -
  • registration and removal of bases from MS SQL.

Database manager

  • creation of the database of the protected object for OPS, SKUD, fire extinguishing and systems of video surveillance -
  • entering of plans of the protected objects in base and placement of objects of protection on them -
  • configuring of logical objects of protection, such as: a zone, the section, group of sections, access point, an access zone -
  • forming of the database "-Bureau of admissions"-: creation of the list of employees with the instruction for each person of all necessary attributes: personal data, information on belonging to division and firm. A possibility of change of names of fields in the form of data mapping of the employee -
  • creation of powers of SKUD and OPS, restriction of management by means of the powers set by the administrator for the given keys and passwords -
  • prescription of powers of access to controllers in real time, and also data-refresh about SKUD on workplaces without the general overload of base of data -
  • forming of the database "-Accounting of working hours"-: the working schedule, rules of calculation of the working schedule for the employee and divisions -
  • programming of scenarios of management with the help of templates and the special built-in programming language "-Orion the Script"-
  • setup of automatic reaction of system for any events -
  • possibility of operation of several modules "-the Database manager" - in one system, the notification mechanism about data-refresh at their simultaneous editing -
  • possibility of printing of a card of employees on the specialized printer.

Monitor of system

  • display on interactive graphic plans of a status of the protected object, management of logical objects of OPS, fire extinguishing system, video surveillance and SKUD-
  • registration and processing of the alarms arising in system the indication of the reason, office marks, an archiving -
  • strict binding of the displayed and managed objects of a security system to the rights of the password under which the orderly officer took up watch -
  • display of the protocol of events -
  • installation of different filters for display of the protocol of events -
  • possibility of selection of events in the protocol by the criteria set by the user -
  • providing information to the orderly officer (in the form of an object card) about objects of a security system, such as a zone, the device, the section, group of sections, a door, an access zone, a video camera -
  • information display of SKUD the location of the employee (to within an access zone), violation of labor discipline at pass through an access point -
  • implementation of start of scenarios of management, how on? more hotly? to a key, and by means of special elements of the interface (elements of a tree of management) -
  • flexible setup of the interface "-the Monitor of system" - due to implementation "-floating" - windows -
  • possibility of providing "-forced" - access for employees by the operator of system.

Kernel of system

  • poll and control of devices, connected on RS-485 to this computer, control of the video cameras connected to the video system -
  • definition of statuses of controlled objects of system (such as a zone, the section, group of sections, access point, etc.) -
  • centralized control by access control, taking/removal of the protected zones, and also taking/removal of sections and groups of sections of system, start of tactics of management of the relay -
  • working off of scenarios of management at emergence of the corresponding event -
  • interactions with objects of all network workplaces of system (start of scenarios of management, broadcast of commands, etc.) -
  • prescriptions of powers of SKUD in access controllers.

Report generator of system

  • forming and issue of reports on different event categories of system, it as security and fire events, access events, auxiliary reports on a configuration of system -
  • forming of reports on powers of employees, about SKUD configuration (for each access point the list of employees who can pass through it forms), about the staff of system (to what firm and division belong, the status of the employee, etc.) -
  • possibility of setup of filters on time, event categories, elements of system of safety -
  • possibility of export to MS Office (Word, Excel), Open Office (Writer, Calc), HTML PDF -
  • possibility of creation of reports through Internet-
  • possibility of creation by the user of own report by means of the developed architect of reports -

Display of statistics

  • interactive display of indications of ATsP of address and analog smoke and address and analog heat sensors, interactive display of the most demonstrative ATsP, and also display of history of indications of ATsP

Accounting of working hours

  • accounting of working hours of employees of the protected object, the analysis and control of observance of labor discipline on this object -
  • support of both linear (week) working schedules, and replaceable -
  • export of the reports and data necessary for implementation of own accounting of working hours by clients (when using integration components with 1C the Enterprise 8.0) by means of special components (a component it is sent on separate request by e-mail

Being on object

  • definition of a location of employees with an accuracy to an access zone.

Personal card

  • data output about the employee for control of compliance of the employee to its personal data.


  • the module intended for the speech notification about disturbing events of system

Editor of plans

  • the module intended for creation and editing graphic files with the image of plans of rooms

Master of import of employees

  • the module intended for import of the list of employees to the database

The graphic interface automated workplace "-Orion Missile defense" -

  • the module intended for change of flowers of display and appearance of elements of the graphic interface "-the Monitor of system" -


  • the module intended for emulation of devices for demonstration of work of an automated workplace "-Orion Missile defense" -

RS setup of the module of poll

  • the module intended for change of settings of the RS-232 interface

Status of loops of devices

  • the module intended for display of a current status and the current resistance of loops of the connected devices


  • Work under control of the MS SQL 2005/2000-server
  • Graphic display on plans of the room of a status of OPS, SKUD, and also system status of video surveillance, a possibility of management of logical objects from plans of rooms -
  • The developed system of authorization and differentiation of access rights in compliance with the status of the employee in system, and also its rights for protection object management -
  • Centralized control by fire extinguishing -
  • The editor of plans of rooms -
  • An opportunity to program scenarios of management, support of an internal programming language and their binding to events of system, and also a possibility of manual start by the operator, start according to the schedule, start from "-the Operational task" - by means of special elements of the interface -
  • Storage of photos of employees in the jpeg-format
  • Accounting of working time -
  • Program emulation of operation of devices -
  • Support of temporary security keys for "-poll Kernels" - for 1000 hours -
  • Creation of templates of a card of the employee for printing on proximity cards on the specialized printer -
  • Work with panels "-C2000" - / "-C2000M" - starting with the version 1.2x.
  • Possibility of import of the database to panels "-C2000" - / "-C2000M "-
  • Support of groups of sections -
  • Possibility of forming of the user groups of events -
  • Renaming of basic and user events -
  • The centralized configuring of access from one or several workplaces "-Bureau of admissions"-
  • Centralized "-instant" - prescription of keys in all necessary controllers of access of system -
  • Centralized control by access with support of network, zone, temporary Antipassback, and also support of pass by the rule of the 2nd, 3rd persons and a code with confirmation -
  • Control of the employee to within an access zone, scenarios of access control, working off of tactics "-Taking on leaving of the last" - "-Removal on arrival of the first" -
  • Binding of the scenario of the management both to the general event, and to an event generated on an initiative:
  • o of the specific user of system -
    the user's o with the specific level of access -
    the user's o with the specific password -
    o of the user belonging to specific division, etc.
  • Setup of the attributes displayed in the employee's card at its pass (personal
    data, information on violation by the employee of the working schedule) -
  • Support "-the stop-list"-
  • The network client of the module of display of statistics of ATsP of address sensors, display of indications of ATsP on plans of the room
  • The module of import of information on employees from files of the csv format in the database "-Orion Missile defence"-
  • The module of verification of the passing employees -
  • Possibility of local work of a workplace "-the Operational task" - at disruption of communication with a database server, with the subsequent additional load of the events which are in the temporary file of a workplace (the function "-the Local cache"-)
  • Export and import of the automated workplace database "-Orion Missile defense" - "-" - in the panel and from the panel "-C2000" - and "-C2000M" -


Server of system

  • Function of a task of the password for an output from "-Servers of system" is added-
  • Display of attributes of connection to the MS SQL server is corrected -
  • Support of work through ADO-

Manager of the Central Server

  • The functionality of registration/detachment/removal of base on the SQL server is added -
  • Schedulers of database backup, removal of data from logs are developed (for MS SQL Server 2000) -
  • Procedure of upgrade of the database is finished: at upgrade of base under MS SQL registration of base on the server happens automatic
  • Function of the choice of an interval for which logs at upgrade are transferred is added -
  • The mechanism of converting of base of data is upgraded -

Database manager

  • Function of a caching of a configuration and codes of keys of controllers of access is added -
  • The mechanism "-instant" - synchronization when clicking the button of saving of a key is implemented -
  • The functionality of transfer of plans of rooms and logical elements from one workplace on another in base of data is added -
  • The functionality of rewriting of keys is added to access controllers -
  • The new methods in the built-in language of scripts allowing to create scenarios with an output of different dialogs for the operator, to analyze more conditions at execution of the actions set in the scenario, execution of these or those actions not only object "-the Kernel" - but also with the help "-the Monitor" - and "-Covers" are added-.

Monitor of system

  • The new interface with "-floating" - windows -
  • Implementation of definition of the displayed logical elements and designs depending on the permission access level of the operator -
  • Adding of multistatuses in an object card -
  • The generation engine of events of forced access is added (providing access by the operator to the user with logging of events of attributes of this user) -
  • Completion of the filters limiting viewing of events of system in the log of events -
  • Centralized control by the fire extinguishing system (implemented on a basis "-S2000-ASPT" - beliefs. 2.0kh and 3.0x, "-the Flow-3N"-) -
  • Display of events of devices of new versions ("-RIP-12-RS" - "-the Loud-hailer" - "-the Loud-hailer" - isp. 01, "-C2000-adem" - new versions of devices "-C2000-2" - "-S2000-KDL" - "-C2000-4" - "-the Signal-20P" - "-S2000-ASPT" - "-the Flow-3N" -

Kernel of system

  • Support of work with new versions of devices ("-RIP-12-RS" - "-the Loud-hailer" - "-the Loud-hailer" - isp. 01, "-C2000-adem" - "-C2000-2" - starting with version 1.10, "-S2000-KDL" - starting with version 1.40, "-C2000-4" - "-the Signal-20P" - "-S2000-ASPT" - versions 2.0x and 3.0x, " - the Flow-3N"-).
  • Work with all serial ports of operational system -
  • The mechanism of centralized control by access and objects of OPS during the work on the protocol "-Orion missile defence" is added-
  • Support of devices of indication "-S2000-PT" - "-S2000-BKI" - "-S2000-BI" - isp. 01-
  • Support of multistatuses of objects of protection is implemented: zones, a controlled output, the section, group of sections -
  • The functionality of scenarios of management is expanded: support of multistatuses, dialogs, object management of software modules of an automated workplace "-Orion missile defense"-.

Accounting of working hours

  • New types of reports are supported (the T12 form, the T13 form, the absence reasons, etc.).

Also is a part of a distribution kit completely new "-the Report generator" - a hot reserve with use of a replicaiton engine of MS SQL Server 2000/2005.
Integration into video systems ISS, ITV, VideoNet, Trassir, Vocord, Goal, etc.
The functionality of a local caching is finished, data transmission in base after communication recovery is optimized.
The Missile defense Orion automated workplace OPC server, for integration with SCADA by systems is a part of a distribution kit now.


Operating system of Microsoft Windows XP / Windows 2003 Server/Vista/Windows 2008 Server


  • For a workplace "-the Operational task" - RAM MB Pentium IV 2.4, 512
  • For a workplace "-the Database server" - (OPS) of Pentium IV 3.0, 1024 of MB of RAM
  • For a workplace "-the Database server" - (SKUD) of Core II Duo 2.0, 2048 MB RAM

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Orion database manager of Missile defense
Orion database manager of Missile defense
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