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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Cubes, fuel trucks, barrels

It is applied to dissolution of epoxy, vinyl, acrylic, kremniyorganichesky polymers, nitrocellulose, paravar, to dilution of melamine and mochevinoformaldegidny materials. The orthoxylol can be applied instead of a solvent in compoundings of paints and varnishes.

Danger to the person.

The orthoxylol on extent of impact on a human body belongs to the 3rd class of danger.
Division is rather conditional as  toluene  gets into the same group, but on impact on the person is more dangerous. 
Couples of xylol at high concentration, more maximum allowable concentration, negatively influence nervous system, integuments and mucous membranes of the person. 
The threshold limit value of vapors of a xylol in air of a working zone makes 50 mg/m (cube) in accordance with GOST 12.1.005-88.
The analysis of the air environment is carried out according to the methodical instructions on measurement of concentration of harmful substances in air of a working zone approved by the Ministry of Health.
During the work with a xylol it is necessary to apply individual means of protection on standard branch norms.

Fire, potential of explosion of an orthoxylol.

The xylol, (orthoxylol) belongs to pozharo-, to explosive products: temperature of spontaneous ignition is higher the 450th hail. With, flash temperature in the closed crucible is not lower than 23 hail. With, concentration limits of ignition of vapors of a xylol in mix with air (on volume): lower - 1%, top - 6%.
Category and group of potential of explosion of an oil xylol - 2T1

During the drain and bulk works it is necessary to observe technology of protection against static electricity in production rooms. At a xylol flood; oil neutralization is made sand with carrying out to the specially allotted place. Apply sprayed water, air and mechanical foam and chemical foam to suppression. In production rooms and places of storage it is forbidden to use naked flame, in particular to smoke, use the tools giving a spark. The oil xylol on extent of impact on an organism belongs to the third class of danger.

Production rooms in which works with a xylol are conducted have to be provided with a supply and exhaust ventilation, and the equipment - local suctions.
In rooms for storage and application of a xylol the treatment of naked flame, and also use of the tools giving a spark at blow is forbidden. Electric equipment and artificial lighting has to be executed in explosion-proof execution.

At a xylol flood neutralization to make filling by sand with carrying out it to the specially allotted place.
It is necessary to apply sprayed water, chemical and air and mechanical foam to suppression of a xylol.

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