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Oscar spindle limit switch

Oscar spindle limit switch

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Technical characteristics
  • ManufacturerРосавтоматизация
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Spindle limit switch Oscar wholesale and retail from the manufacturer for export.

Oscar rotary limit switch is used to control movements
industrial equipment when it is necessary to measure the angle of rotation and / or the number of shaft revolutions. Oscar consists of a geared motor that transmits rotation to the cams and motion sensors located inside the housing through the first (worm and helical gear) and second (a pair of spur gears) gear stages.
Oscar is used in wind turbines to control the position of the turbine fairing or the pitch of the blades. The motor that controls the rotation of the wind turbine on the vertical axis of rotation (or the blades around their longitudinal axis) transmits the movement to the limit switch. An angle encoder reads the rotation of the shaft, transmitting pulses to the PLC, which controls the position of the wind turbine fairing or blades. The movement of the shaft is also transmitted through the geared motor to the row
cam switches: the corresponding setting of the cam actuation points can signal four critical positions of the cowl or vanes.

Features w pindelnogo limit switch Oscar:

Transmission torques (from 1: 1 to 1: 1550) are the result of combining different output stages. Each output stage of the limit switch can be set with its own transmission torque, which allows variable control
machinery depending on conditions. Each cam can be adjusted with great precision thanks to the adjusting screws. All switches are normally open type switches, thus carrying out the safety function.


Oscar has a gear and gear drive shafts made of stainless steel AISI 430F or AISI 303, the worm gear shaft rotates on ball bearings, the gear wheels and drive bushings are made of self - lubricating technopolymer. The technopolymer housing is durable and protects the equipment from moisture and dust.


Oscar can be equipped with various combinations of actuators and motion sensors: cam and microswitch sets (maximum 8), encoders or potentiometers (maximum 2), Yankee 1 absolute encoder for cam and microswitch sets (maximum 2) . . Encoders, potentiometers, cam sets and microswitches, the Yankee 1 can be combined with each other, thereby creating a device thanks to its redundancy and variety. The limit switch is available with a flange for direct connection to the motor. Various markings and colors are also available.

Standards - Marking - Certification:

- Compliance with EU Directives:
2006/95 / CE: Low Voltage Directive
2006/42 / CE: Machinery Directive
- Compliance:
EN 60204 - 1 Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines
EN 60204 - 32 Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment
machines - Requirements for hoisting - and - transport vehicles
EN 60947 - 1 Low voltage switchgear and
EN 60947 - 5 - 1 Low voltage switchgear and
control - Control devices and switching
elements - Electromechanical control circuit devices
EN 60529 Degree of protection provided by housing
- Marking and Certification: CE

The main technical characteristics w Oscar pindelnogo limit switch :

- Store at temperature: - 40 ° C / + 80 ° C
- Operate at temperature: - 40 ° C / + 80 ° C
- Degree of protection: IP 66 / IP 67 / IP 69K
- Insulation category: class II
- Maximum angular speed: 800 rpm.
- Cable entry: cable clamp M20 - M16 (max. 8)
- HALT test (data available upon request)
- Marking and Certification: CE SIL 1
(U c pending)

Microswitch Specifications:

- Utilization category:
AC 15/250 V / 3 Amax
DC 13/60 V / 0.5 Аmax
- Rated thermal current: 10 Amax
- Rated insulation voltage: 300 V
- Service life: 1,500,000 operations
- Terminals for: EN 50013
- Connection: screw terminals
- Marking and Certification:
PRSL0100XX: C (general purpose)
PRSL0110XX - PRSL0111XX: CE U (c pending)
- Snap - action contact PRSL0100XX with 1NO
+ 1NC changeover contact.
- Snap - action contact PRSL0110XX with 1NO
+ 1NC changeover contact with double break.
- Sliding contact PRSL0111XX having 1NC contact with
double break.
All NC contacts are of the positive opening type.


Buy w pindle limit switch Oscar wholesale and retail from the manufacturer at a bargain price. We deliver w pindelnogo limit switch Oscar wholesale and retail in all regions of Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, UAE, UK, Romania, France and etc.
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Oscar spindle limit switch
Oscar spindle limit switch
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