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Otparivatel GM-Q7Multi-R

Otparivatel GM-Q7Multi-R

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New full-function otparivatel-paroochistitel. Realizes functions of a vertical otparivaniye and steam cleaning. Modern mobile design with wheels, a transparent tank for water with self-downloading function. Teng and the steam iron are made of stainless steel. Steam is produced continuously and moves under the pressure of 3,5 Bars.

The leader of the rating of otparivatel according to the portal

New GM-Q7 Multi/R – is even more functions, it is even less expenses of energy and time, use is even easier and more convenient!

NOVELTY! Otparivatel with the extended hose.

The steam iron with the extended hose is not included in a basic equipment of the device and is bought separately.

Otparivatel with the extended hose is irreplaceable for an otparivaniye of curtains and lambrequins. You watch a video review of an otparivatel of Grand Master GM Q7 Multi/R with the extended hose for an otparivaniye of curtains.

The steam iron is manufactured of stainless steel which is not oxidized and carries out steam quicker, than a usual metal nozzle. The heating element which warms up steam at the exit is built in the surface of the steam iron, preventing formation of condensate, i.e. emergence of drops of water on the iron (system "against drops"). The button of inclusion and the indicator of the working condition on the handle of the steam iron. The brush with a soft bristle is used for removal of dust and fibers from clothes, for cleaning of carpets, an upholstery of upholstered furniture , etc. Clip for trousers. To have no trouble in doing "arrows" on trousers, it is enough to place a trouser cloth between a clip and the steam iron and to carry out the movements "up-down". Now it is not necessary to take off clothes from a coat hanger if you want to steam both parties of a product, just turn a coat hanger. Complete set of an otparivatel: The device for a collar otparivaniye for a convenient and qualitative otparivaniye of "difficult" places – collars, cuffs, pockets. One more new device for convenience of an otparivaniye is developed by the Grand Master company and it is presented to the GM Q7 Multi/R models - it is a dosochka from heat-resistant plastic with pickup for a hand. She just puts on on a hand and is used at an otparivaniye as a lining not to burn hot steam and qualitatively to steam the hard-to-reach spots and places demanding more careful steam processing (a detail with an embroidery, pastes, paillettes, pockets , etc.). Teflon mitten for protection of hands against a burn hot steam. Conical nozzle for removal of special strong pollution (old spots, the dried-up fat) and cleanings in hard-to-reach spots (a plinth, seams on a tile, etc.). It can be used for cleaning of glasses and smooth surfaces. Characteristics:

Tension/Frequency - 220 V, 50 Hz

Power - 1950 W

Tank volume for water of-2,3 l

Steam productivity - 70 gr / mines

Working pressure - 3,5 Bars
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Otparivatel GM-Q7Multi-R
Otparivatel GM-Q7Multi-R
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