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P33 railroad switch electric drive

P33 railroad switch electric drive

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P33 railroad switch electric drive
The railroad switch is called the device intended for transfer of the train into other way, to the left or to the right from the basic. In other words, this that device which branches out railway track, giving the chance to structure to contract.

The narrow-gage railroad switch, as well as normal, consists of arrow, translated curve, connecting straight line. Specifics of narrow-gage railway is the non-standard width (less than 1520 mm), as a rule, the sizes of narrow-gage fluctuate within 600-1200 mm.

Narrow-gage railroad switches are installed on translated bars of narrow-gage railway. They are steel concrete and wooden. Translated bars - the same cross ties, only length at them another. Stock rails are on each side from arrow which consists of funnymen, frame rail, root devices, shift mechanism, counterrail, crosspieces and some other parts.

Stock rails go the shooter on each side, in places where funnymen adjoin to them, have ostrozhka.

The arrow is the device intended for transfer of structures into side track or for ensuring its movement further on straight track.

By means of shift mechanism the funnymen (or, as them in a different way call, feathers) representing mobile part rail which is part of arrow can connect among themselves rails of the main way for movement of the train on straight line, or rails of the main way to its side branch, for moving of the train on side track.

In the narrow-gage shooters which are controlled in the manual mode, the switch position indicator is necessary to show in what party funnymen have been turned. If funnymen work in the automatic mode, then for the indication of their direction there are enough their location and signal of the traffic light.

Special narrow-gage railroad switches are produced for toothed mountain railways. By means of shift mechanism of cross tie in the place of branching are adjusted for movement of the train by the main railroad or on its branch. Tuning of shift mechanism can be performed in the manual or automatic mode. Presently the automatic mode of setup is even more often applied.

Except mountain railways, the narrow-gage railway meets across all territory of our country where it is used for economic and industrial needs, and also on the children's railroads.

Considering wide range of application of narrow-gage transfers the LLC NPP Spetstekhnomash firm makes implementation of these products, both with manual, and with automatic control modes.

Feature of transfers with the automatic mode is use of the electric drive expected operation in mines dangerous on explosion of gas and dust where use of electric equipment in miner explosion-proof execution, and also in other industrial industries is required.

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P33 railroad switch electric drive
P33 railroad switch electric drive
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