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< / font> </ span> </ font> </ strong> Primer bituminous </ span> </ span> is a black homogeneous liquid, which is a solution of oil bitumen (the temperature of their softening is at least 80 degrees Celsius) in organic solvents. In primer, there are no foreign inclusions or heterogeneities. It does not contain toxic solvents, such as toluene. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

Bituminous primer greatly facilitates waterproofing and roofing work. It allows you to reduce work production time and improve waterproofing. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

species. </ Span> </ strong> </ span> Bituminous primer is two types: ready for use and concentrated. Before applying, a concentrated primer (concentrate) must be divorced by one of the organic solvents (kerosene, White spirit, gasoline) 1: 1.5 or 1: 2. This saves on its use, when transporting and stored. With the finished primer, you do not need to hold any preliminary procedures, except for thorough mixing. It is fully prepared for use. Such a primer is very convenient in work. No need for preparing primer from concentrate significantly increases the speed of work production. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

Application. </ Span> </ span> </ strong> Bituminous primer is used to priming the surface (concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, asbetic, wood, porous materials) during waterproofing and roofing works. At the same time, it can be used as an independent waterproofing product and in a complex with other sponsored and self-adhesive roofing materials. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

in particular, the bitumen primer is used for Preparations for waterproofing work: </ span> </ font> </ p>

· Bases of flat roofing, </ span> </ font> </ p>

< Span> · Foundations </ Span> </ font> </ p>

· underground designs and structures, </ span> </ font> </ p>

· Bridges, </ span> </ font> </ p>

· Metal pipelines surface. </ span> </ font> </ p>

product is widely used to protect the metals from corrosion. </ span> </ font> </ p>

Apply a primer on concrete, cement-sand and other rough surfaces. Dusty, porous, uneven surface is processed by a bitumen primer using piping brushes or brushes. This method of application guarantees good impregnation of the base primer, as well as high adhesion with waterproofing materials. The priming of the surfaces with a bitumen primer will significantly extend the life of materials for waterproofing. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

for sticking rolled materials using primer the surface of concrete, reinforced concrete slabs, and seams Between the individual elements is nevertheless. Each subsequent layer of rolled material can be glued only three or four hours after sticking the previous one. Rolled materials are glued together (at least 100 mm), while avoiding cross-gluing. The glued web is well rolled up with a special cylindrical roller. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

Qualitative characteristics. </ Span> </ span> </ strong> Bituminous primer has a number of excellent performance: </ span> </ font> </ p>

High adhesion, </ span> </ font> </ p>

· rapid drying, </ span> </ font> </ p>

no stickiness, </ span> </ font> </ p>

· waterproofing qualities, </ span> </ font> </ p>

heat resistance, </ span> </ font> </ p>

· prevents corrosion processes </ span> </ font> </ p>

· used as adhesive mastic for sticking rolled materials, </ span> </ font > </ p>

· can be used in winter, </ span> </ font> </ p>

· has water-resistant properties. </ span > </ font> </ p>

Bit Member </ span> </ span> provides high adhesion bases with waterproofing material. At an average temperature of 20 degrees of heat, a surface treated with a bitumen primer dries in 12 hours. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

, if necessary, the product can be used in winter, Conditions for complete cleaning of the working surface from snow, ice, dirt and fragile elements of the previous coating. Before working, it must be dried, and the rolled materials themselves heat in the warm room with an air temperature of at least 15 degrees Celsius throughout the day. Works on the device of rolled roofs using bitumen primer can be carried out only if the outer air temperature is not lower than -20 degrees. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

working conditions and storage features. </ span> </ span> </ strong> When producing work with the use of a bitumen primer, it is necessary to provide good ventilation of the room or work in the fresh air. The material is suitable for operation if its temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius. If necessary, the working surface and the primer itself can be a little warm up. At the same time, the primer can not be heated above 40 degrees, as well as perform the priming of the surface near the open fire. When working with primer, you need to use protective clothing and glasses to prevent the material from entering the skin and in the eye. </ Span> </ font> </ p>

Shelf life is 12 months at temperatures Air from -20 to +30 degrees Celsius. Store primer needed in a dry place protected from direct sunlight. </ Span> </ font> </ p> </ div> </ div> </ div> </ div> </ h3>

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Paint Bituminous primer
Paint Bituminous primer
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