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Technical characteristics
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one-component zinc composition, ready for use and applying to the prepared surface of ferrous metal with brush, roller, air and airless spraying, forming a thin-film zinc coating after drying. Zinga can be used in anti-corrosion purposes for active (cathode) protection of ferrous metals as a first layer in multilayer paint systems or self-coating. </ Div>

Composition </ h2>

zinga (Zing ) </ Strong> - is a single-component system consisting of a pure zinc powder (electrolytic zinc), volatile substances, binding agents (unsaturated hydrocarbons). </ div>

Color </ H2> Metallic gray (under the influence of humidity color may change) </ div>

specifications and properties </ h2>

characteristics </ strong> </ th> values ​​< / strong> </ th> </ tr>
soil paint </ strong> zinga (zing ) </ strong> </ th> </ tr >
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances,% masses </ td> 80% </ div> </ td> </ tr>
density, g / cm3 < / TD> 0.9 - 1.2 </ div> </ td> </ tr>
Conditional viscosity according to the VIS-246 viscometer with a nozzle diameter of 4mm at (20 ± 0.5.5 ) ° С, with </ td> 14 - 35 </ div> < / TD> </ tr>
Drying time to degree 3 at (20 ± 2) ° С, min not more </ td> 30 </ div> </ td> < / tr>
theoretical consumption for single-layer coating, g / m2 </ td> 70 - 120 </ div> </ td>
coating </ strong> </ th> </ tr>
adhesion, score no more </ td> 1 </ div> </ td> </ tr>
one layer thickness, μm </ td> 5 - 20 </ div> </ td> </ tr>
Strength when hitting, see no less </ td> 50 </ div> </ td> </ tr>
bending elasticity, mm no more </ td> 2 </ div> </ td> </ tr> </ tbody> </ table>

Application </ h2>

When preparing for operation, Zinga paint (zing) must be thoroughly stirred. As a coating layer, the Zinga paint (Zinga) is applied to a clean, dried coating of one-packaging zinc-filled cinol paint. In case of contamination, it can be deguted with white spirit, then apply a protective-decorative zinga layer (Zinga). When using the Zinga paint (Zing), as an independent coating, the surface is purified by any mechanical or chemical method and degrease in GOST 9.402-2004.
When using ZingA as an independent coating, the total thickness of the dry coating should be 80-150 μm. Zinga is applied with two-three layers of 40-60 microns each. Drying the coating occurs under normal conditions. </ Div>

After applying the first layer with a brush or roller, the second layer Zinga is recommended to be applied after 1 hour. When zinga is applied by spraying, the second layer can be applied as soon as the first layer acquires a uniform light gray color (after 15-20 minutes). It is recommended to apply the following ZINGA layers no later than 72 hours after applying the previous Zinga layer. During this time, the surface should not be contaminated. </ Div>

when using ZingA as the first layer (soil), the thickness of the dry layer should be 40-60 microns. Zinga It is recommended to apply one layer.
From above Zinga can be covered by many varieties of paints compatible with it, for example: polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, vinyl, oil, synthetic (except alkyd), resin paints and water-based paints (water-based), and Also quick-drying industrial coatings. It is recommended to paint, which is applied over Zinga, first spray a thin film (up to 20 μm) to the Zinga surface. Then apply a layer (or layers) to the paint of the necessary thickness.
Compatible paints and varnishes can be applied over Zinga after 4-24 hours (depending on the drying conditions). To accelerate the drying process, additional ventilation and an increased temperature of up to +60 OS can be used. </ Div>

Application </ h2> Zinga paint (Zing) is applied at a temperature of minus 10 ° C to plus 30 ° C. The paint is applied by the methods of pneumatic and airless spraying, brush, roller. </ Div>

storage </ h2>

Warranty period for storage of Zinga paint (Zing) in a hermetically closed manufacturer's container - 12 months from the date of manufacture. </ Div >

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Paint zinga.
Paint zinga.
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