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PF-115 enamel Luxury

PF-115 enamel Luxury

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Appointment and method of application: PF enamel is used for painting and priming works on wooden, metal and other surfaces. For eksteryerny and interior works. PF 115 enamel is used most often for coloring of a metalwork, garages, fences and houses. It is developed by the Soviet technologists in 1976, and is the best development so far. PF 115 buy the construction and industrial organizations for responsible repair or construction works because the declared characteristics of PF 115 Luxury always remain invariable for more than 10 years. Before putting its enamel it is necessary to vent well if paint too dense it is possible to dilute with white spirit solvent or nefras. Paints and varnishes put the Painted surface by means of a brush, the roller or a kraskoraspylitel of LKM it is necessary to clear of all pollution, to degrease and dry.

The consumption of PF paint makes 100 - 120 g/m ² or 1 kg on 10 - 12 m ².

Time of drying of PF 115 enamel Luxury no more than 17 h at a temperature (20±2) s.

Precautionary measures: During the work with PF enamel it is necessary to use rubber gloves for protection of hands, and after painting works it is good to air the room where coloring was carried out.

Structure: Alkidny semi - finished varnish, pigments, fillers, functional additives, sikkativ, solvent.

Period of storage of enamel in accordance with GOST 12 months of date of production of LKM. Store enamels in densely closed container, protecting from action of heat and the sun.

To protect from fire.

PF 115 Enamel in compliance of standard requirements of GOST 6465 - 76, is made of a high - quality "lidsky" semi - finished varnish, sikkativ, and also import pigments, additives and fillers of Cristal Global firm (Saudi Arabia), by DuPont (USA), etc. It would be desirable to note that sikkativa are made by our enterprise that it is allowed to eliminate a trade margin at their use in our compoundings with LKM. The compounding of PF 115 paint Luxury is developed by our technologists in 2000 and still is issued ours the enterprise without change of quality of PF - 115 enamel. To reach an optimum indicator "price quality" the compounding of PF - 115 contains sikkativa which more than 20 years are made at our enterprise from qualitative raw materials. Skilled technologists of Plant LKM "Coachman" exercise entrance control of raw materials therefore we are sure of durability and brightness of our PF 115 paints. Each party production of PF 115 Enamel is analyzed and checked on GOST indicators if all indicators within norm, the quality certificate of LKM in which all necessary standard indicators of PF enamel in accordance with GOST 6465 - 76 are stated is written out.

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PF-115 enamel Luxury
PF-115 enamel Luxury
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