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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The company works only with legal entities.

Expert pH kit

General laboratory pH / mV / 0C meter for a wide range of applications (including measuring the acidity of beer in accordance with GOST 12788). with combined glass electrode for aqueous media.

We recommend this kit for operational monitoring of the pH of aqueous and some non - aqueous media.

Contents of delivery:

  • measuring transducer pH meter Expert - pH
  • temperature sensor TDS - 3
  • combined pH electrode ESK - 10601/7
  • power unit
  • standard titles
  • Documentation (Operation Manual and Verification Procedure)

Microprocessor - based pH meter, guaranteeing accurate measurements

  • Specially developed software with error protection function.
  • Service life over 10 years.
  • Measures pH in water, soil, solutions, milk and other aqueous and non - aqueous media.
  • Made in Russia. Introduced into the State Register of SI RF. Trust in ROSTEST.
  • Easy to use for both professionals and novice researchers

Distinctive features of the Expert - pH pH meter

  • Automatic control of temperature influence during calibration. The instrument stores tables of the dependence of the pH of all basic buffer solutions on temperature. When calibrating, the device measures the temperature of the solution and automatically corrects the pH value, which guarantees maximum accuracy of the results. Thus, calibration can be performed without a thermostat at any temperature.
  • "Intelligent" automatic temperature compensation. The device monitors the temperature of the analyzed solution, compares it with the calibration temperature and independently selects the optimal measurement mode - with or without temperature compensation. The algorithm of the device provides for automatic refinement of the isopotential point of the electrode and its real sensitivity. This "intelligent" system guarantees correct results at any temperature.
  • Simple, intuitive user menu. A simple, logical menu and a large graphic LCD display make operating the device extremely convenient and intuitive.
  • Alarm when the readings are stable. When the readings are stable during the pH, EMF and to measurements, the display shows the symbol " * ". After its appearance, the user can fix the measurement result.
  • Indication of tips and messages when errors occur. Constant automatic control at all stages of the experiment and self - diagnostics insure the user against errors. The device makes adjustments on its own or informs the user about the problem that has arisen.
  • Mobility. Convenient ergonomic design and small dimensions of the device allow performing measurements not only in the laboratory, but also in the field or in production.
  • Battery powered. A powerful built - in battery provides autonomous operation of the device for up to 1 month or more. The battery is charged from a 220V network using the supplied charger.
  • Communication with a computer. The device can be connected to a computer via a COM - or USB - port to view, save and print the results of pH, EMF and to measurements in graphical and tabular form. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the website: .
  • The newest element base. The device is built on the basis of the latest electronic components using original engineering solutions.

Who is the pH Expert for?

  • For PROFESSIONALS, on the basis of the pH meter Expert - pH, you can complete a laboratory for measurements and get a completely ready - made operator's workstation, and intelligent software will reduce the research time.
  • FOR SMALL PRODUCTIONS, the pH meter Expert - pH is equipped with a user - friendly interface and an automatic measurement control system. Measurements can now be carried out outside the laboratory without any special education.

How is the pH Expert different from other pH meters?

  • Guaranteed accurate results. The pH expert will not allow you to measure incorrectly. Thanks to the built - in microprocessor, the smart pH meter will independently make corrections during the measurement or signal a problem.
  • Long service life. Thanks to the latest element base, the service life of our pH meters is more than 10 years. Replaceable electrodes. The service life of the Expert - pH is not limited by the resource of the electrode, unlike pH meters with built - in electrodes.
  • A pH meter you can trust. The only smart pH meter of a domestic manufacturer with an error protection function - the device independently selects the appropriate measurement mode, tests the electrode's performance, signals the stabilization of the reading to record an accurate measurement result.
  • Russian production, official guarantee. For more than 20 years, Econix - Expert LLC has been producing pH meters, pH ionomers and other measuring equipment, which is specially adapted for operation in Russian climatic and industrial conditions. All devices are designed in accordance with Russian legislation and successfully operate throughout Russia and the CIS countries. All products are provided with an official warranty, as well as post - warranty and service maintenance during the entire service life of the device.
  • High quality for a reasonable price. An expert pH meter is 2 - 3 times cheaper than a foreign pH meter of similar quality. At the same time, thanks to the modern element base, it lasts 10 - 20 times longer than cheap pH meters.
Model, purpose
  • Brand Name (Model) Expert - pH

  • Minimum price 29800.00
  • Maximum price29800.00
  • Base unit
  • VAT rate, % 20
  • Verification is included in the price No

Regulatory information
  • Number in the State Register 34127 - 07
  • Type approval certificate for measuring instruments Yes

Functional characteristics
  • Measurement range of the activity index of hydrogen ions, pH 0 . . . 14
  • Limits of the basic absolute measurement error, pH ± 0.05
  • EMF measurement range by measuring transducer, mV - 2000 . . . + 2000
  • Limits of permissible absolute error of EMF measurements, mV ± 1
  • Temperature measurement range of the analyzed solution, ° С 0 . . . 100
  • Limits of permissible absolute error of temperature measurements, ° С ± 0.5
  • Thermal Compensation Automatic
  • Execution Portable (portable)
  • Display: LCD with backlight
  • Interface RS - 232C, USB

Dimensions, weight
  • Length (depth), mm 205
  • Width, mm 105
  • Height, mm65
  • Weight, kg 0.7

Power, power
  • Power supply 220V 50Hz via adapter, built - in battery

Features, equipment
  • Options Connection of a thermal printer (on request), to connect to the USB port of a PC requires a COM - USB adapter

Warranty, manufacturer
  • Producer Econix Expert
  • Country of origin RUSSIA
  • Warranty period, years2.5

  • Requisites Ionomers pH - meters, Product, 00 - 00010135, 1, 0.7

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PH meter Expert pH
PH meter Expert pH
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