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Phytorugs for baths and saunas

Phytorugs for baths and saunas

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The phytorug is used as the bactericidal, flavoring laying in a steam room, soul, bathing, massage, and also in phytobarrels, allows to support the stable atmosphere in any mini-sauna.
One of the main problems of use of phytosaunas (phytobarrels), saunas and baths is accumulation in a cabin in wooden walls and regiments of various substances - various salts, including, heavy metals, the died-off cells of skin, skin fat, hormones and other organic substances. For example, for one procedure of people loses in a phytosauna up to one and a half liters of sweat which, flowing down on a body down, impregnates a tree, climbs its capillaries up, and also in the form of saturated steam settles on vertical walls and the top cover of a phytobarrel. Among these substances there is, for example, an urea which gives a pungent unpleasant smell. At rare house use there is practically no such problem, or it can arise later very long term (about 4-5 years). But at frequent commercial use in several weeks from a cabin begins to smell of quite distinct smell of urea. Further application of such barrel is inexpedient since. the tree does not emit the substances, characteristic of it, possessing medicinal properties and a pleasant smell any more. Emergence of a smell of urea speaks about not a gigiyenichnost of procedure and decrease at people of desire to receive procedures in such barrel, a sauna or a bath. Besides, in the wooden case of a barrel, on walls of a sauna and a bath together with urea other substances which are products of disintegration of the organic substances introduced from the steam generator collect.

Thickness of a rug can make from 1 to 10 cm and is chosen depending on whether the rug for a podkladyvaniye on sitting (thickness from 1 cm) or for hanging out on walls (thickness to 5 cm), or for laying on a floor, or for a podkladyvaniye under the head is used (thickness to 10 cm - physiological norm).

It is preferable that rugs were replaced for each new patient, and the new set was established. It allows to create in a mini-sauna, a sauna, a bath, massage the atmosphere reproduced from procedure to procedure corresponding to filling of sets. Temperature increase in a chamber causes an intensive emanation of volatiles from a filler of rugs before achievement of equilibrium partsialny pressure in a chamber and a filler. Emergence of sweat and steam, containing organic substances, leads to the movement of the last to the place of their smallest concentration where there is a continuous absorption of these substances adsorbent before its full saturation. By this moment procedure comes to an end. On the end of procedure sets are utilized by burning. The new set chosen by the patient or the doctor is established in a cabin. Thus the high gigiyenichnost of procedure and reproduction of its standard conditions is provided.

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Phytorugs for baths and saunas
Phytorugs for baths and saunas
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