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Russia, Neejneey novgorod
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TU 102-488-05 TU 1469-014-01395041-07 gas (Trubodetal) 102-488-95 OST of 36-42-81 TU 1469-013-13799654-08 OTT-08.00-60.30.00-KTH-036-1-05 OST 108.104.08 OST 108.318.11-82 OST of 108.318.14-82 Art. 20X23H18 of TU 26-08-693-81 of GOST 22818-83 state standard specification 22820-83 TU 51-515-91 Branches bent TU 1469-001-58154529-07 OST of 34 10.699-97 TU 26-02-836-79, OST 34.10.701-97. Always available 11 hp (6) 760p6, 11 hp (6) 768p1, 11ls60p, 11ls60p6m, MA033A, MA39183K, Du from 50 to Du1420 and other cranes of production of JSC Tyazhpromarmatura Aleksin and BAZ of the Hairpin steel 40X, 12X13, 18H12VMBFR, 37H12N8G8MFB, 25H2M1F. Branches bent (withdrawal of OG) TU 1469-015-74238272-2008 of TU 1469-012-04834179-2008, ST-14, HCB14xR1/2, Nsv14khm20, SMV8KHK1/2, Smv8khm20, Nsn14khm20, SM8, SMT8, SMTP8, SNP M20xG1/2, HCB14xG1/2 NSN, NSV, SV, SN, SMV, SMP, joint Venture, ST, NST, SPP TU, TU 36-1104-82, TU 4218-013-01395839-96, TU 36-1133-85, TU 36-1092-83, TU 36-1093-83, TU 4218-014-01395839-96, TU 36-1118-84 and dr Branch, the Art. 12kh18n10t P90, 60,45 TU 1468-020-20872280-2004 Branch Bent OG 60º — 720kh10-K52-6,4-075-5du-3500/3500-UHL Branch Bent OG 52º — 820kh30-K60-6,4-075-5du-1800/3500-UHL Branch Bent OG 40º — 1020kh30-K55-8,0-075-10du-3700/1400-UHL Branch, the Art. 15kh5m P90,60,45,180 of TU 1468-001-17192736-01 Withdrawal of 325х20 Art. 12X18H10T of TU 1468-020-20872280-2004 Branch, the Art. 15kh5m, heat treatment P90,180,60,45 325х12 TU 1468-020-20872280-2004 Branch krutoizognuty seamless, the Art. 15kh5m of TU 1468-001-17192736-01 Removals of 180,90,60,45 St. 14X17H2, 15X5M, 12X18H10T, 08X18H10T of GOST 30753-2001, TU 1468-001-17192736-01 Transition, Art. 15kh5m, TU 1468-120-1411419-93 of TU 1468-030-20872280-2002.

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