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Pneumatic distributors trilinear with electromagnetic management P-EPR3

Pneumatic distributors trilinear with electromagnetic management P-EPR3

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Trilinear pneumatic distributors with electromagnetic management are intended for management of a stream of compressed air in pneumatic actuators of different function.

Device and work
According to the pneumoscheme pneumatic distributors — trilinear, on-off, normally closed with unilateral electromagnetic management. The constructive scheme of all standard sizes of pneumatic distributors is identical. In the coil 6 the sleeve with an emphasis zavaltsovanny inside is placed. In a sleeve the anchor with sealing knot and springs moves. The sealing knot is located coaxially with a saddle. At a deenergized electromagnet the anchor is pressed by a spring to a saddle, blocking the channel via which pressure of compressed air is brought, and the output channel (to the consumer) is connected to the atmosphere through grooves on an external surface of an anchor.
When giving voltage on an electromagnet an anchor, overcoming effort of a spring, moves against the stop, closes an exit in the atmosphere and opens the channel connected to an opening of a supply of compressed air. Compressed air comes to the canal of the consumer. In some executions of pneumatic distributors of P-RE3/2,5 manual duplication of an electric signal is provided. Manual duplication is intended for management of a pneumatic distributor in the adjustment mode (at the disconnected power supply) and is carried out by an anchor raising in the top situation. Inclusion of push-button management is carried out by pressing to the full of the button which is on the pneumatic distributor case. Degree of protection of a cover of an electromagnet of IP 54 in accordance with GOST 14254.
Instructions on application
Pneumatic distributors use the compressed air purified not more roughly than the 10th class of impurity in accordance with GOST 17433 and containing the sprayed oil viscosity from 10 to 35 mm2 / with (cSt) at a temperature of 50 degrees With with concentration at the rate of 1-2 drops on 1 m3 of the air given to normal conditions in accordance with GOST 19862. Climatic modifications of UHL and O, of category of placement 4, in accordance with GOST 15150. Execution About - only for the countries with tropical climate. Spatial position of distributors at installation — any. Pneumatic distributors of P-RE3/2,5 of butt execution for accession to a pneumatic system establish on the completed device with the channels executed in it for pass of air and fix two screws by means of two openings to dia. 3,4, to dia. 4,5 or to dia. 6,6. For fastening of pneumatic distributors of butt lower and carving executions the coil needs to be removed. Consolidation of working channels is provided with the rubber rings which are in tsekovka of the case and available in a delivery set. Accession to a pneumatic system of pneumatic distributors of carving execution is carried out by two carving openings of K1/8".


Table of parameters and characteristics of a pneumatic distributor of P-EPR3

Conditional pass, mm


Nominal pressure, MPa


Capacity of Kv, m ³ / h


Tension, In

- direct current

12, 24, 48, 110

- alternating current of 50 Hz

24, 36, 42, 110, 220, 380

- alternating current of 60 Hz

110, 220

Electromagnet rated power

- direct current, W


- alternating current of 50 Hz, VA


- alternating current of 60 Hz, VA


Maximum number of operations, min. ˉ ¹


Reaction time, sec.

- inclusion on a direct current


- switching off on a direct current


- inclusion and switching off on alternating current


Weight, kg



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Pneumatic distributors trilinear with electromagnetic management P-EPR3
Pneumatic distributors trilinear with electromagnetic management P-EPR3
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