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Polypropylene tape 12 mm wide, 0.6 mm thick, breaking load 170 kg buy in St petersburg
Buy Polypropylene tape 12 mm wide, 0.6 mm thick, breaking load 170 kg
Polypropylene tape 12 mm wide, 0.6 mm thick, breaking load 170 kg

Polypropylene tape 12 mm wide, 0.6 mm thick, breaking load 170 kg

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Polypropylene tape is used in various fields of human activity. In agriculture and industry, with the help of polypropylene tape, packaging and screed of various products are made. During transportation, various cargoes are secured to pallets, such as:

  • Particleboard and plywood in packs;
  • lumber;
  • boxes with ceramic tiles;
  • paving slabs;
  • Appliances;
  • all kinds of equipment.

Polypropylene tape has several advantages over steel and polyester tapes. It is much lighter than a polyester tape, not to mention steel, and this allows you to use it where there is no high breaking load, but at the same time you need reliable and high - quality packaging for transportation over long distances. Packaging polypropylene tape, unlike steel tape, has no burrs and a sharp edge, which provides workers with injury safety when working with packing tape.

The main advantages of polypropylene tape:

  • weight - very light;
  • ease of use;
  • tape injury is safe;
  • the tape does not require special storage conditions;
  • strength - the tape withstands up to 450 kg tensile strength;
  • does not rust - does not spoil the appearance of the package;
  • the tape is resistant to rain and snow; it does not rot and mold;
  • the tape is not expensive, especially in comparison with steel tapes;
  • polypropylene tape can be recycled as a second raw material.

Polypropylene packaging tape

Width mm Thickness mm Breaking load, kg Diameter of the sleeve, mm Meters in the bay
5 0.5 55 200 6000
8 0.45 75 200 4000
nine 0.5 one hundred 200 4000
12 0.5 130 200 3000
12 0.6 170 200 2300
12 0.7 190 200 2000
fifteen 0.5 190 200 2200
fifteen 0.8 240 200 1400
fifteen 1,0 320 200 1200
19 1,0 430 200 1000


Polypropylene packaging tape withstands not small tensile loads up to 430 - 450 kg, this is a little compared to polyester and steel tapes, but at the cost of packaging, it puts it first in terms of cost - effectiveness and ease of use when packing goods. Polypropylene tape is convenient to use and resistant to weather conditions, plastic does not soak during rain and can be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, so that the packaged goods always look aesthetically pleasing and presentable. Polypropylene tape, unlike steel packaging tape, does not rust and, as a result, does not leave traces of rust on the goods packaged by it.


All of the above makes polypropylene packaging tape indispensable for:

  • woodworking, along the entire chain, from sawing logs to furniture;
  • in the food industry;
  • in printing business;

Polypropylene tape is an inexpensive and easy - to - use material, it ensures the safety of the packaged cargo during transportation and storage. The packing tape is made of primary polypropylene using imported equipment, and recently it is considered one of the cheapest and highest quality packaging methods. Profitability, reliability and ease of use of polypropylene tapes is one of the main reasons for their widespread use around the world.

Polypropylene tape tying process

  1. First, the tape is inserted into the tool and securely fixed.
  2. Then it is circled around the packaged cargo and reinserted into the tool.
  3. Using the tool, the tape is stretched to the required level.
  4. Next, the fastening process takes place using brackets, buckles or friction welding. It depends on the tool used.

The packing tape is tied in three ways:

The first method is with a staple. To do this, use manual mechanical tools - pincers and a tensioner or a combined device. The bracket is made of soft steel tape 0.5 - 0.55 mm. (steel grade 0.8 PS), which allows the tool to compress it well on a polypropylene tape. The strength of this fastening depends on the strength of the tape itself and is 80% of the breaking load of the packaging tape.

Pliers and tensioner
Combined device


The second method is with a buckle. The buckle is plastic or metal. To do this, use manual mechanical tensioners. The polypropylene tape is inserted into the buckle, circled around the packaged cargo, inserted into the tensioner and into the free end of the buckle. When tensioning a polypropylene tape, the buckle tightens on the load, ensuring high - quality packaging. There is a little trick. When transporting goods over long distances, the fastening due to jolting on our roads may weaken, and therefore, if you leave a small piece of tape (25 - 30 cm is enough) during packaging, then pallets with cargo can be transported or reloaded, using belt tensioner, tighten the weakened tape, returning the packaging to its original condition.

The third method is friction welding. Welding takes place using automatic and semi - automatic machines that run on electricity (from a 220 V network or mobile, powered by a battery) and tools running on compressed air. This method is currently the most advanced, it allows you to save working time, since the tool itself pulls, welds and cuts off the wrong end of the tape. Packaging tape, when friction welding does not need brackets and buckles. The only minus of tools working by friction welding is the cost, but enterprises with a large volume of goods per day will easily and quickly recoup such tools and increase labor productivity. The strength of the fastening of the tape by friction welding also depends on the strength of the tape and is 80% - 90% of the breaking load of the polypropylene packaging tape.

To buy a polypropylene tape in LLC Zeus

We suggest you buy a polypropylene tape, different widths from 5 to 19 millimeters, the thickness of the packaging polypropylene tape can be from 0.45 to 1.0 millimeters. Zeus LLC is a manufacturer of packaging tape, so the manufacture of tape is under strict quality control of products. Polypropylene tape is made of high quality primary raw materials, and is always in stock in St. Petersburg. We can send a polypropylene tape, a tool and everything you need for packaging to any corner of Russia and the countries of the customs union.

We make:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing tool
  • Stamping Tapes
  • Bandage tapes
  • Slings are textile
  • Rigging
  • Steel rope
  • Big bags
  • Work clothes

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Polypropylene tape 12 mm wide, 0.6 mm thick, breaking load 170 kg
Polypropylene tape 12 mm wide, 0.6 mm thick, breaking load 170 kg
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