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Probe immersed high-temperature (ZPGV.1500, 2500) buy in Chelyabinsk
Buy Probe immersed high-temperature (ZPGV.1500, 2500)
Probe immersed high-temperature (ZPGV.1500, 2500)

Probe immersed high-temperature (ZPGV.1500, 2500)

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Probe pogruzh. high-speed. (+600 … +1800 °C) L=1500, 2500 mm of ZPGV (for connection of disposable external thermocouples) (only for TK-5.06, TK-5.09, TK-5.11)

The probe immersed high-temperature (ZPGV) is intended for measurement of temperature of fusions of metals in the range of +600 °C … +1800 °C. Complete with TK-5.09 the probe provides fast and exact measurement of temperature of liquid metals in various metallurgical units: ladles, crystallizers, molds and other capacities. Measurement time, as a rule, does not exceed 5 with.

For work disposable PPR (V) thermocouples are used.

The measuring system includes the Probe of ZPGV which the cardboard replaceable block with a sensitive head in which actually platinorodiyevy thermocouple, the showing device – the thermometer the contact TK-5.09 intended for measurement and processing by the generated thermocouple t.e.d.s is placed is put on., and external (Su-Su) the compensation cable connecting a staff to the showing device.

New modification assumes fastening of the thermometer on the core of a probe, at the same time the thermometer from fusion is closed by the filter in order to avoid hit of splashes on it the heated metal. There are handles for convenient deduction of a probe at immersion in fusion. In a collected state probe length 2,5 meters, when transporting a probe develops on length twice.

The thermocouple is closed by a shlakozashchitny cap. The cardboard tube of the replaceable block has length of 1000 mm.

Storage conditions: it is recommended to store in dry rooms.

Use of the thermocouple does not demand special skills: it is only enough to put on the replaceable block a probe and to ship it in liquid metal. The secondary device will automatically check isolation of a measuring chain.

type B (Rh % Pt 30%Rh/Pt 6).

Technical characteristics:
Measurement accuracy 0... +3 °C at 1554 °C
Measurement time 3 - 6 sec.
The maximum time of immersion of the replaceable block in a bathtub 7 sec. at 1650 °C
Diameter of a cardboard tube of the replaceable block

18 mm
29,9 mm


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Probe immersed high-temperature (ZPGV.1500, 2500)
Probe immersed high-temperature (ZPGV.1500, 2500)
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