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Production lines of organic fertilizers and sorbents buy in Stareey oskol
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Production lines of organic fertilizers and sorbents

Production lines of organic fertilizers and sorbents

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Technical characteristics
  • Form release fertilizerSolid

Production lines of organic fertilizers and sorbents
with a productivity up to 500 kg/h!

The offered line is capable to make fertilizers and sorbents from peat in the form of granules with a diameter of 4-10 mm., crumbs fraction of 0,5-2 mm., and loose look. It is desirable to take peat of riding group with small or average extent of decomposition as a basis.

The scope is quite wide:

  • purification of air in various household and production rooms, water purification in various networks and constructions;
  • cleaning of pollution of oil products on the soil, on water and other surfaces;
  • in agriculture on poultry farms, pig factory farms and other livestock farms in the spreading layer.
  • production of organic fertilizers from mixes of peat and a dung, manure, etc.

In addition on this line it is possible to make fuel pileta from low-lying peat, a pileta for braziers and fireplaces from waste of charcoal and fodder granules from leguminous mixes.
Description of technological process.

Previously earned additionally from large inclusions (pose, stubs, etc.) peat of natural humidity (50-60%) is delivered on place of production. It has to be the building from 250 sq.m with ceiling height from 3 m.

Peat is passed through a vibrosieve for removal of large sticks. The vibrosieve is mounted directly over the conveyor giving raw materials on the granulator. The control of the conveyor is supplied with the frequency converter allowing to regulate giving of raw materials on the granulator. It is necessary for receiving a qualitative granule in a form and density. Quality depends on humidity of raw materials which can fluctuate depending on weather conditions. On an entrance to the granulator, for reception and transfer of raw materials the shnekovy batcher subpress operator is mounted. It provides continuous giving in the granulator and consolidation of raw materials. It is necessary because of the small specific weight of peat (200-250 kg/m3).

The granulator is arranged so that crushes the small sticks remaining in raw materials after passing through a vibrosieve and forms granules of necessary fraction. It is reached due to application easily replaced the die. The grinder which is built in in the granulator allows to receive a loose product. For this purpose just cleans up the die of formation of granules and at the exit the loose, pushitsevidny product turns out. It is applied to dry closets and as a sorbent for collecting oil.

Leaving the granulator the product gets on a dryer grid. Passes on it within 45 minutes and comes back to the tape conveyor on which arrives on a vibrosieve of a ready-made product. (The dryer has productivity to 30% on the evaporated moisture.) On a vibrosieve it prosevatsya from a small crumb which is formed at a partial collapse of granules. (10-15% of a crumb) the Crumb can be applied as a sorbent in dry closets, a laying to small animals and a bird, fishes as a sorbent for collecting oil. From a vibrosieve of a granule get to a bag which is established on electronic scales. The start-up feet button of a vibrosieve is mounted by a row in order that it was possible to disconnect it when replacing a bag and to include for further work. The filled bag to 25 kg. it is sewn up with the manual meshkozashivochny machine and lays down on the pallet. All this is done by the operator of a vibrosieve.

Drying is carried out by the clean air heated to 130 degrees which is forced by the heatgenerator fan via the heat exchanger in the dryer. 750 kW heatgenerator. works at solid fuel (firewood, coal, pileta, etc.) leaving the dryer dust is besieged in the dust precipitator, and clean air is released into the atmosphere.

The special rushka of granules is applied to production only of a crumb. All process of production of granules the same, only after the dryer the conveyor gives granules on a rushka. The vibrosieve moves from the giving conveyor aside, and instead of it the rushka is put. Under a rushka the container on 30 - 40 l is put. At its filling the operator pours out the crushed granule on a vibrosieve for receiving a crumb, uniform on fraction.

For production of fertilizers all process repeats. Only at a peat transmission through a vibrosieve the dung, manure and another in necessary proportions is added to the conveyor mixer.
Is a part of the line:

1) The heatgenerator with an airexchanger and a chamber of a dozhig;
2) Dvukhshnekovy conveyor mixer;
3) Granulator grinder;
4) Dryer conveyor-based;
5) The tape conveyor for giving from the dryer on a vibrosieve;
6) Vibrosieve of a ready-made product;
7) Vibrosieve of initial raw materials.

The cost of the line makes $89 thousand the USA

All equipment is supplied with an electronic control system.
The electric power - to 70kvt/hour is necessary for work of this line.
Serve - 3-4 persons.

We have an opportunity to make within 90 bank days on the terms of advance payment-80 of % and shipment at own expense.
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Production lines of organic fertilizers and sorbents
Production lines of organic fertilizers and sorbents
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