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The origin of a shungit is still shrouded in secret. researches physicists and chemists were shown that it consists of carbon, but contains also vanadium, nickel, molybdenum, copper, selenium, astatine, tungsten, without speaking about iron, aluminum, potassium, calcium and a set of other necessary for our activity of elements. One trouble - mineral layers lie very deeply in the thickness of rocks and are taken out on a surface only with underground waters. Geologists with confidence declare that this mineral was formed still before, as on Earth trees and herbs - the main source of carbon grew. Coal and oil are compounds of carbon too, however they appeared much later. Extraordinary breed consists of fulleren - a special carbon form. The structure of a molecule of a fulleren represents empty ions of carbon. Other surprising fact deserving attention - shungit includes in practically all table of Mendeleyev. Despite such rich the structure, stone lets out from themselves in water only what is really useful to live organism.

Thanks to curative (and according to some users magic)
to properties of a product from a shungit enjoy wide popularity around the world. For example, the pyramid from this stone is applied to activization of ions of water, and also for protection against radiations of the electromagnetic field and geopathogenic the phenomena which are the reason of emergence of big percent of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. To buy shungit wholesale costs also in that case when a constant need is had in mineral water with antibacterial properties. Shungitovy water possesses the general revitalizing and rejuvenating action on an organism.
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Products from a shungi
Products from a shungi
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