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Professional Ormed-professional installation

Professional Ormed-professional installation

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Professional Ormed-professional installation

Professional mechanotherapeutic installation for the dosed extension (traction) of a backbone and vibration and thermal, roller massage.
The device of passive mechanotherapy is effective at rehabilitation and prevention of diseases at patients with neurologic displays of cervical, chest and lumbar osteochondrosis, and also osteochondrosis of joints.
Allows to carry out treatment of intervertebral hernias WITHOUT SURGICAL INTERVENTION!
Extension on the device is made electronically, settings of extension are configured from the touch LCD control panel and are strictly dosed
Since December, 2013 the devices "Ormed-professional" are delivered with the new, color LCD control panel in the updated case.
The new control panel is not only new, more modern and ergonomic design, it and additional opportunities:
more convenient interface -
the increased screen diagonal -
in memory of the control panel preservation of 10 carried-out procedures is possible -
in the Service menu the choice of language for management of parameters (the Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian languages) is possible -
the schedule of carrying out extension is displayed on the screen in the mode of real time -
when carrying out procedure in the variable mode on graphics it is possible to see quantity of cycles of extension -
MANUAL CONTROL by MASSAGE: massage rollers can be stopped in a certain point and to locally strengthen vibro-massage influence, or in addition to change height of a raising of rollers in the right place.

"Ormed-Professional" - it is intended for experts with high requirements to exploited the technician. It is the modern device which levers of extension allow to carry out extension under various corners, both down, and across.
Due to change of angles of extension it is possible to influence that site of a backbone where there was a problem locally.
On the device carrying out complex procedures (paravertebralny vibromassage with extension of lumbar or cervical department of a backbone) and extension of joints of the top and lower extremities is possible.
Force of extension is established:
- for cervical department from 2 to 15 kg.
- for lumbar and sacral department from 2 to 60 kg.
The possibility of carrying out extension of a backbone in the variable mode is of special interest. In the course of treatment parameters can be changed and to completely control on the screen all medical procedure in dynamics as operation of the device is programmed and is run by the microprocessor.

Medical effects:
- Treatment of intervertebral hernias WITHOUT SURGICAL INTERVENTION! -
- Elimination of various degenerate and dystrophic changes of a backbone (a dorsopatiya, spondilez, spondiloartroz) -
- Treatment of protrusions pozvonkovy diska
- Violations of blood supply of a brain (a syndrome of a vertebral artery) -
- Treatment of curvatures of a backbone -
- Treatment of scoliosis -
- Rehabilitation after a stroke -
- Prevention of diseases of a backbone.

The roller massage which is carried out along with extension of a backbone allows to relax muscles, to remove the functional blocks arising in them interfering stretching improves a blood-groove. Heat and vibration create feeling of comfort and in addition relax muscles.
As a result of such total physical impact on a backbone during one procedure functional blockade in intervertebral joints disappear, there is a repozition and self-correction of vertebras. Besides, at the same time there is an increase in height of an intervertebral disk, decrease in intra disk pressure that creates a possibility of reposition of the dropped-out hernia of an intervertebral disk, and also the conditions promoting self-reposition and elimination of symptoms.

Formation of intervertebral hernia owing to rapprochement of adjacent vertebras at influence of force of F dynes operating at vertical load of a backbone

Separation of adjacent vertebras and elimination of hernial protrusion after carrying out procedures of extension and roller massage
Besides, at regular carrying out roller massage backbone curvatures are eliminated. And the massage combination to an extract yields sometimes surprising results at treatment of scoliosis.

In the absence of prevention by regular massaging and at regular massage by a vibrotraction method
Principle of action
Installation contains the following functional knots: the lifting mechanism of rollers, the extension device, the vibration mechanism, mobile knot with rollers masseurs and the electric drive, heating.
At the same time knots of extension tarirutsya (are adjusted) for cervical and lumbar and sacral extension separately that promotes more exact dispensing of parameters of extension.
The lifting mechanism of rollers consists of the electric motor with a reducer that allows to carry out smooth raising of rollers masseurs to the set level which is controlled by height sensor. At the same time rollers completely repeat a back contour.
On animation the scheme of placement of rollers masseurs concerning a backbone axis which in the course of massage is a symmetry axis for the moving rollers from above is shown. Rollers masseurs, rolling edges of vertebras, step on awned shoots of a backbone, subjecting each vertebra, an intervertebral disk and joints to mechanical influence for each pass. At the same time intervertebral sheaves are serially and repeatedly bent and unbent, or contract and stretch, at the same time there is a local internal physiological microextension. During procedure there is a mechanical impact on a problem site of a backbone promoting the dosed separation of two interfaced vertebras. As a result of increase in intervertebral space high interdisk pressure decreases. At the same time the vacuum effect which is "soaking up" hernial protrusion is created. Everything in a complex allows to reach without operational treatment of intervertebral hernias of lumbar and sacral department of a backbone, treatment of osteochondroses. It is successfully used at rehabilitation of athletes.
The system of extension is executed in the form of the traction mechanism and provides uniform extension of a backbone with the set force, and the last is supported automatically until the end of a session. After a session the traction lever comes back to a starting position and stops. Will be in this starting position is prior to the next session. The set force of draft is established on the control panel and is controlled by the extension force sensor.
During procedures the movement of rollers can be transferred in the manual mode and to stop in any point where the strengthened influence is necessary. In this point local vibromassage for additional relaxation of muscles in a problem site will be carried out.

Traction of joints of the top and lower extremities:

The procedures which are carried out on the device:
- Paravertebralny multilevel acupressure + the dosed vibration + the dosed heating -
- Extension of cervical department of a backbone -
- Extension of chest department of a backbone -
- Extension of lumbar department of a backbone -
- Extension of joints of the top and lower extremities -
- Complex procedure: paravertebralny vibromassage and extension of lumbar department of a backbone -
- Complex procedure: paravertebralny vibromassage (or just massage) and extension of cervical department of a backbone.
Technical characteristics
- Tension of a power line with a frequency of 50 Hz, In 220±10%
- Maximum power consumption, W 400
- The massed linear zone of a backbone, mm 850
- Vibrations, to 100 Hz, regulated discretely, (levels) 5
- Effort of rollers masseurs, adjustable discretely, (levels) 5
- Temperature of heating of a surface of a couch, °C from 35 to 50
- Maximum tilt angle of the case, hail 19
- The patient's weight on the device, kg, no more than 120
- Overall dimensions of a bathtub (, mm 2055х640х600
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Professional Ormed-professional installation
Professional Ormed-professional installation
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