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Profile from polypropylene

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The profile pipes made of block copolymers of polypropylene are similar on polyethylene, however possess bigger rigidity. Temperature of operation of such products from minus 50 °C to plus 90 °C. For protection against influence of sunshine we recommend to choose the profile made of material with addition of the UF-stabilizer.

You can buy profile pipes from polypropylene from us. Color of natural polypropylene - milky-white. We can offer material coloring practically in any color on RAL scale that will give additional opportunities for design and design decisions.

The price list on profile pipes from polypropylene:

Name Size of a profile (mm)
Color The price is over 1 running meter (rub with the VAT)
M-PP-BS profile hetero. 60х40 mm 60х40 natural 95
M-PP-BS profile hetero. 60х60 mm 60х60 natural 143
M-PP-BS profile hetero. 100х80 mm 100х80 natural 232
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Profile from polypropylene
Profile from polypropylene
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