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1s:dokumentooborot 8. KORP

"1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP" it is oriented to budgetary institutions, and also the medium-sized and large commercial enterprises and intended for end-to-end solution of a wide range of problems of automation of accounting of documents, interaction of employees, control and the analysis of performing discipline:

  • the centralized safe document storage;
  • quick access to documents taking into account the rights of users;
  • accounting of the entering, outgoing and internal documents;
  • accounting of addresses of citizens;
  • accounting of contracts, beginning from preparation of the project and finishing with control of performance of obligations and cancellation of the contract;
  • accounting and control of readdressing of documents in the third-party organizations and from them;
  • use of the certified EDSs mechanisms for signing and enciphering of documents and files;
  • personal data processing according to the Federal law No. 152-FZ;
  • viewing and editing documents;
  • control of versions of documents;
  • full-text search for documents according to their contents;
  • work with documents of any types: office documents, texts, images, audio-and video files, documents of systems of design, archives, applications, etc.;
  • automatic filling of new files and documents on the basis of in advance configured templates;
  • shtrikhkodirovaniye of paper documents, automatic printing of bar codes and registration stamps on cover pages of paper documents, document retrieval and files on bar codes;
  • automation of collective work of users with documents and files with use of such business processes, as consideration, execution, approval, statements, registration;
  • the conditional routing of business processes configured by users;
  • support of difficult procedures of approval, for example the parallel, consecutive or mixed approval of use of conditions of routing;
  • support of several resolutions in documents, including resolutions of officials of the third-party organizations;
  • assignment to any data of different thematic categories, both the manual, and automatic, based on the analysis contents of documents and files;
  • control of performing discipline, including on work with addresses of citizens;
  • the templates of processing of documents configured by users;
  • the configured communications between documents, both one-sided, and double-sided;
  • automatic start of any business processes according to the schedule;
  • the automated loading of documents from e-mail;
  • loading of files from the scanner, including stream with automatic recognition of bar codes;
  • accounting and control of working hours of employees;
  • online and offline data exchange with other standard configurations;
  • exchange of the entering and outgoing documents with others of EDMS according to GOST P 53898-2010.

Account of documents is kept in a section of types of documents, according to the provision on document flow of the enterprise. The principles of accounting of the entering, outgoing and internal documents put in the program correspond to the Russian legislation, state standard specifications, recommendations of Rosarkhiv and domestic office work practice.

"1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP" has no industry specifics and the distributed holding structure with a large number of users or medium-sized enterprise can effectively be used both in budget sector, and at the commercial enterprises, whether it be.

"1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP" supports the multiuser work in the local area network or via the Internet including via web browsers.

Functionality of the 1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP program

"1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP" in a complex are solved by a wide range of problems of automation of accounting of documents, interactions of employees, control and the analysis of performing discipline. The program supports the multiuser work in the local area network or via the Internet including via web browsers.

Work with documents

"1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP" allows to work with documents of any types. Each document is followed by a registration and registration card which set of attributes conforms to GOST P 6.30-2003, to requirements of GSDOU, recommendations of Rosarkhiv and traditions of office-work which developed in domestic practice.

Storage and access rights

In a configuration of the 1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP program internal documents and files are stored in folder structure taking into account access rights.

Folder structure can form according to an organization structure of the enterprise or for document types. To each folder permission to execution by users or user groups of different operations is established: readings, adding, editing or removals.

In addition to it all these configurations "Document flow of KORP" are limited to access rights depending on types of documents, signature stamps of access to documents, groups of correspondents and groups of natural persons, the organizations and questions of activity.

Directly files can be stored both in information base, and in volumes on a disk.

Registration of the entering and outgoing documents

"1s:dokumentooborot 8" allows to keep account and registration of the entering and outgoing mail. At the same time automatic generation of through registration numbers by difficult rules is carried out.

Document registration is made according to state standard specifications, standard instructions and traditions of domestic office-work.

Registration of the document is followed by the following processes:

  • accounting of the arrived documents, printing of bar codes and registration stamps;
  • automation of procedure of consideration of documents and the subsequent setting on control;
  • notification of performers;
  • support of the regulated dates of performance of documents;
  • forming of affairs, transfer of the closed affairs on archive storage or destruction;
  • the subsequent forming of reports on receipt and execution of documents, according to expired documents.

Accounting of addresses of citizens

Registration and processing of addresses of citizens according to the Federal law of May 02, 2006 No. 59-FZ "About an order of consideration of addresses of citizens of the Russian Federation" is provided in the program.

Accounting of duplicates and repeated addresses, and also accounting of readdressing of appeals of citizens to the third-party organizations and from them is provided.

For work with addresses of citizens the special workplace in which the specialist sees all arrived addresses of citizens, history of correspondence and other accompanying information on them at once is used. For the analysis and control of execution of addresses of citizens reports "Execution of addresses of citizens", "Structure of addresses during the period", "Dynamics of number of addresses", "The list of addresses of citizens" are used.

Accounting of contracts

In "1s:dokumentooborote 8 KORP" full life cycle of contractual documents is automated:

  • preparation of the draft agreement;
  • approval of the draft agreement, both external, and internal;
  • accounting of all documents connected with the contract, for example, acts, additional agreements;
  • accounting and control of periods of validity of contracts;
  • automatic extension of validity periods by the rules specified in the contract;
  • multi-currency accounting of the sums of contracts;
  • accounting and control of execution of financial obligations under the contract;
  • control of existence of accompanying documents under the contract, for example, the invoice;
  • control of return of the transferred copies of documents under the contract;
  • cancellation of the contract.

For the analysis of contractual work such reports as "The list of the signed agreements", "Contracts with the expiring validity period", "Accompanying documents under the contract", "Dynamics of number of the signed agreements", "Dynamics of the sums of the signed agreements", "The terminated agreements" are provided.


In "1s:dokumentooborote 8 KORP" the possibility of loading of the entering, outgoing, internal documents and files from scanners of any types supporting the TWAIN interface is provided. Scanning is carried out in the jpg, PDF and tif formats including multipage.

Stream scanning with automatic recognition of bar codes of documents and forming of multipage tif or pdf of files is supported.

Automatic recognition of the scanned images and full-text search according to the recognized documents is provided.


Any document or the 1s:dokumentooborota 8 KORP file can be sent by e-mail directly from the program. Also loading of the entering and internal documents from e-mail is provided. When using the EDS it is possible to send and accept the signed and ciphered files.

Viewing, editing and control of versions

For viewing and editing the documents "1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP" uses the corresponding applications installed on local computers of users.

Daily work with documents and files is carried out directly on "desktop"; the user sees the list of the edited documents and the list of outstanding tasks, setup of "desktop" with an opportunity to delete, add or trade places elements of the specific section is provided.

"1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP" are provided by access for employees to files, both for viewing, and for editing. The conflicts at simultaneous editing documents are excluded thanks to a locking gear of files.

When saving changes in information base the new version of the file with instructions of the author, date and time of creation is automatically created.

Directly from a card of the file it is possible to look at the list of versions, to delete unnecessary, to replace the active (current) version. For files of popular formats (doc, rtf, html, txt, odt) supports comparison of versions.

Document templates and files

In "1s:dokumentooborote 8 KORP" users can configure and use automatically filled templates of files and documents. During creation of the new file with use of a template of a field of a template of the file the name, the author, date of creation, the contract sum, attributes of the partner are autocompleted by registration data, for example.

During creation of the new document with use of a template, attributes of a card (or the document) are autocompleted on a template, and all files specified in a template which, in turn, too are autocompleted on the basis of attributes of the document join the document.

Shtrikhkodirovaniye of documents

In "1s:dokumentooborote 8 KORP" the bar code which it is possible is automatically appropriated to all documents:

  • print on a single sheet;
  • print over the cover page of the paper document;
  • print on a sticker;
  • insert into the electronic document as the image.

Bar codes are used for fast search of registration forms of documents and for an automatic attachment of files to documents at stream scanning.

Printing of registration stamps of documents

In "1s:dokumentooborote 8 KORP" users can print a registration stamp of the document which contains the name of the organization, registration number and date of registration, a bar code. The registration stamp can be printed both on a single sheet, and over the cover page of the paper document.

Communications between documents

In "1s:dokumentooborote 8 KORP" standard communications between documents which automatically are established, for example, at registration of response documents are provided. The program allows to configure additional communications between documents and to specify rules of use of these communications for types of documents. Single, multiple, one-sided and two-way communications are supported.

Several resolutions in documents

It is possible to specify several resolutions in a card of the document "1s:dokumentooborota 8 KORP". Resolutions automatically form business process "Consideration" or can be entered manually. At the same time not only the staff of your enterprise or establishment, but also officials of the third-party organizations can act as authors of resolutions.

Readdressing of incoming documents

In the 1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP program it is possible to consider readdressing of incoming documents in the third-party organizations, and also obtaining the readdressed incoming documents from the third-party organizations. At the same time the program allows to control dates of performance of the readdressed documents.

Control of the transferred documents

Accounting of a document transfer to officials of correspondents and control of terms of return of the transferred documents is provided.

Business processes and work of users

In the 1s:dokumentooborot 8 KORP program collective work with documents is implemented by means of the following business processes:

  • Consideration: the document gets for consideration to the head and with its resolution returns to the author of the document. At the same time directly in the course of consideration the official can take out the text resolution or send the document for execution or acquaintance.
  • Execution: the document is transferred to execution to all users according to the list and the controller for observance of performing discipline. One of users can be assigned the executive.
  • Approval: the documents attached to such business process get on approval to the specified respondents and then return to the author of this business process for acquaintance with results of approval or sending for repeated approval. In "1s:dokumentooborote 8 KORP" such options of approval as are supported:
    • parallel;
    • consecutive;
    • mixed (parallel and consecutive), including taking into account routing conditions.
  • Statement: the document gets on the statement to the responsible person and returns to the author of the document for acquaintance with result of the statement.
  • Registration: the document gets to the secretary for assignment of registration number, putting down of printing of the organization and sending to the correspondent.
  • Acquaintance: by means of this business process the necessary document is sent to all users according to the list for acquaintance.
  • Assignment: by means of this business process it is possible to give instructions to employees and to check their execution.
  • Processing of the incoming document: this business process automates a full stroke of processing of the incoming document - consideration, execution, write-off in business.
  • Processing of the outgoing document: this business process automates a full stroke of creation of the outgoing document - approval, the statement, registration.

An opportunity to assign tasks not only to specific performers, but also roles is provided. So, for example, the document can be sent to the statement of a role "Director", and the program will automatically deliver the corresponding task to the one who carries out this role at present, - to the director or his deputy.

For ensuring rigid routing the possibility of setup of templates of routes of business processes by each type of documents taking into account conditional routing is provided. So, for example, for approval of contracts which sum exceeds 100 thousand rubles one template, and for approval of all other contracts - another will be used. Conditions of routing can be configured in a design view or in the built-in language.

Dates of performance of business processes are controlled taking into account diagrams of works of employees and can be calculated not only in days, but also in hours and even minutes.

Automatic start of business processes according to the schedule is implemented.

The hierarchy of subordination of business processes and their tasks is supported. During creation of business process it is possible to specify that it is a subordinate in relation to a problem of other business process. Thus, the hierarchy of business processes and tasks which all participants of these business processes taking into account access rights can see is built.

There is a possibility of a temporary stop of business processes which extends to all subordinated business processes and their tasks.


The electronic document represents the structured data set containing rekvizitny and informative part. Attributes of the document and information of its informative part can be used in the course of search of the specific document.

In "1s:dokumentooborote 8" full-text search for any data (documents, files) not only on all fields of cards, but also on contents of versions of files of popular formats taking into account morphology of the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages is implemented.

Accounting of working hours and control of execution

Inventory data of working hours and possibility of its control provide the head with information for acceptance of administrative solutions and allow to optimize work of employees.

In the program the daily reporting of employees which includes data on time, the project, content of work is implemented. On the basis of these data it is possible to construct different reports on expenses of time of employees in a section of types of works, divisions or the periods.

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