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Program 1s:dokumentooborot 8, PROFESSIONAL

Program 1s:dokumentooborot 8, PROFESSIONAL

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1s:dokumentooborot 8. PROFESSIONAL

"1s:dokumentooborot 8" presented at the end of 2009, is a successor of the 1s:arkhiv 3 software product. The solution carries out tasks of automation of accounting of documents, interactions of employees, control and the analysis of performing discipline. "1s:dokumentooborot 8" allows to automate a full stroke of processing of white and internal papers of the commercial enterprises and budgetary institutions with support of both electronic, and paper document flow; and also to provide in the organization the centralized safe storage, quick access, search and effective work with white and internal papers of any types (office documents, texts, images, audio-and video files, documents of systems of design, archives, applications, etc.) . "1s:dokumentooborot 8" supports the multiuser work in the local area network or on the Internet with use of web browsers or the thin client.

In comparison with the PROFESSIONAL version the KORP version supports accounting of contracts, a shtrikhkodirovaniye of documents and files, stream scanning with automatic recognition of bar codes, automatic filling of files on templates, printing of a registration stamp on paper documents, setup and use of conditions of routing, accounting and use of working schedules, web services for work with the files "1s:dokumentooborota 8" from other applications, advanced search of documents and files in attributes, a categorization of data, etc.

The Document Flow Professional electronic document management system allows to organize work with different types and types of corporate documents, and also to organize management and control of corporate business processes of the enterprise. The Document Flow Professional electronic document management system includes the following subsystems:

  • Actual documents
  • Tasks and processes of employees
  • Reports and statistics
  • Hands-off processing
  • Archive of the enterprise
  • Data exchange
  • Information search
  • Administration of system
  • Forum and communication

The system supports work with business processes, at the same time business processes can be configured by users taking into account different parameters and options. Besides, business processes support automatic readdressing on deputies the absent employees, and also the postponed delivery of a task in due time and date. The route of passing of business processes can include consecutive and parallel sections. There is an opportunity to configure and save different types of templates of business processes.

The block of the reporting consists of different reports on documents and business processes, including "Document flow statistics", "Dynamics of change of files", "Performing discipline", "The list of the expiring tasks" and others.

The program gives to users opportunities for setup of appearance and structure of attributes of corporate documents and business processes at the user level, without need to use configuring of "1C:Enterprise" .

"Document flow the Professional" is original development and can be used in the form of a separate solution on the basis of the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 platform at the same time work in the mode of the managed forms is supported (including in the web client).

The program allows to carry out integration by means of the DCOM technology into other applications working at the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 platform. At the same time there is no need to change a program code of applications, all setup is made in a user mode.

Primary benefits of system: — set fast implementation and work! Visual creation of business processes Work both in the normal 1C mode, and via the web interface (1C 8.2) Integration with different configurations from "1C" the Possibility of modification, an open program code. The public and filled-up library of business processes!

The program has the open code and does not contain the closed fragments.

The Document Flow Professional software product allows: Automate business processes of the enterprise, including: automate delivery and control of tasks to employees, to organize delivery of periodic tasks, to receive status reports of affairs of the enterprise in a section of types of business processes to Automate work with documents of the enterprise, including: automate registration and accounting of documents, to organize fast search and access to necessary documents, to create a structured storage of documents and means of maintaining archive.

The program is delivered as a finished shrink-wrapped software product and contains the following set of opportunities: Quick access to corporate documents with use of different groupings and selections Business process management with a possibility of setup of their types in the visual Exchange of Corporate Business Processes editor through library of types of business processes Creation and maintenance of a structured storage of documents of the enterprise Tracking of periods of validity of documents and execution of procedural actions upon termination of terms Export of data to the MS Office and OpenOffice programs for the configured Creation templates and change of structure of attributes for different types of documents without programming Automatic execution of the regulated tasks with the specified frequency

The system of document flow also allows:

  • Create and use various templates, including document templates and corporate processes to Keep account and to organize access to the archive documents Use in full of a possibility of the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 platform, including to work in the mode of the managed forms in the web client. Use the Drag&Drop technology for moving of documents to the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) system uses all opportunities of a new platform 1C, all objects of system of document flow are created with use of the managed forms of the 1C:Enterprise 8.2 platform.
  • For justice we will notice what an alternative product is "1s:dokumentooborot". The 1s:dokumentooborot program also allows to keep account of documents and business processes. Comparison with the 1s:dokumentooborot system is given here. We are not only developers of own products, you can also buy from us "1s:dokumentooborot" In more detail about the 1s:dokumentooborot program it is possible to look here.
  • The Document Flow Professional electronic document management system consists of the following subsystems: The subsystem "Actual documents" — is intended for work with different corporate documents of the enterprise. The subsystem "Hands-off processing" — includes mechanisms of hands-off processing (control of file directories, delivery of periodic tasks to employees and other). 1C:Enterprise 8.2" is carried out in the background by the server or a separate session ". The subsystem "Corporate processes" — is intended for creation and management of corporate business processes, including for setup of a matrix of the acting deputies and role addressing of tasks. The subsystem "Archive of the enterprise" — a subsystem contains means of work with archive of documents, including viewing, transfer and withdrawal of documents. Subsystem "Reports and statistics" — in a subsystem the set of reports for statistic analysis of documents, and also for control of work of employees and execution of tasks by them is implemented. The subsystem "Data exchange" — contains control facilities data exchange in the distributed structure of databases, and also mechanisms of integration into other databases by means of the Information search Subsystem technology DCOM — in a subsystem is implemented full text information search, management of the list of the chosen objects, and also mechanisms of control of actions of users in system. The subsystem "Administration" — is intended for setup of system, and also personal parameters of users. In a subsystem there are also customizers of document templates and business processes. The subsystem "A forum and communication" — a subsystem is intended for the organization of collective work of users, the subsystem contains a corporate forum, and also the list of corporate news. Besides, in a subsystem there is a list of useful Internet resources and the corporate knowledge base.

Except the specified subsystems the system of document flow has the expanded mechanism of setup of access rights allowing to create profiles of access rights and to flexibly configure the rights for different user groups.

One of primary benefits of Document flow the Professional EDMS system is presence of the built-in visual editor of business processes. By means of the visual editor of business processes users can independently develop business processes of any complexity.

The Document Flow Professional electronic document management system can be used in the enterprises of the different industries. The 1C platform of version 8.2 allows to organize highly effective databases for simultaneous work of hundreds of users. The database can take place and work at one of the following types of servers: A normal file server (for the small enterprises) MS SQL Server (normal and express of the version) IBM DB2 Server PostgreSQL Oracle Database Server

Expansion of the distributed database 1C covering several servers of the enterprise is possible. Fault-tolerant work with server clusters is supported.

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Program 1s:dokumentooborot 8, PROFESSIONAL
Program 1s:dokumentooborot 8, PROFESSIONAL
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