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Program 1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise

Program 1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise

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1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise

"1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise 8" is the end-to-end applied solution covering the main guidance loops and accounting at manufacturing enterprise. The solution allows to organize the end-to-end information system conforming to corporate, Russian and international standards and providing financial and economic activity of the enterprise.

The applied solution creates a common information space for display of financial and economic activity of the enterprise, covering the main business processes. At the same time access to the stored data, and also possibilities of these or those actions depending on the status of workers is accurately differentiated.

At the enterprises of holding structure the general information base can cover all organizations entering into holding. It significantly reduces labor input of conducting accounting at the expense of a reuse by the different organizations of the general arrays of information. At the same time on all organizations accounting is conducted through administrative and regulated (accounting and tax), but the regulated reporting forms separately on the organizations.

The fact of commission of economic operation is registered once and receives reflection in the administrative and regulated accounting. Need of repeated information input is excluded. Means of registration of economic operation is the document, and for acceleration of work mechanisms of substitution of data "by default", input of new documents on the basis of earlier entered are widely used.

In an applied solution the following ratio of this different accounting is accepted:

  • data independence administrative, business and tax accounting;
  • comparability of data administrative, business and tax accounting;
  • coincidence of amount-based and quantitative estimates of assets and obligations under data administrative, business and tax accounting, in the absence of the objective reasons of their discrepancy.

The data entered by users quickly are controlled by an applied solution. So, at registration of payment of cash the system will check a funds availability taking into account the available requests for their expenditure. And at registration of shipment of products the system will check a status of settlement with the consignee.

The applied solution is delivered with a set of interfaces that provides to each user pervoocheredny access to data and mechanisms of an applied solution necessary to it.

Regulated (accounting and tax) account on the organizations is kept in national currency, in volume time as for management accounting on the enterprise in general can be selected any currency. In the different organizations of uniform information base different systems of the taxation can be used: in one organizations — the general system of the taxation, in others — simplified; different installations of policy tax and accounting can be used. Besides, the system of the taxation in the form of a uniform tax on imputed income can be applied to separate types of activity of the organization.

In addition to the administrative and regulated accounting it is possible to keep account under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). For the purpose of decrease in labor input account on IFRS is kept not quickly, with use of broadcasting (recalculation) of these other types of accounting.

At solution development "1s:upravleniye" were considered by manufacturing enterprise 8 as modern international techniques of business management (MRP II, CRM, SCM, ERP, ERP II, etc.), and the experience of successful automation of manufacturing enterprises which is saved up by 1C firm and partner community. Specialists of the ITRP companies (production management) and "1C-Rarus" participated in design and development of a configuration (accounting on IFRS). On methodological questions of implementation of management, financial accounting and forming of the reporting under IFRS consulting support is carried out by the world famous auditor and consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The solution "1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise 8" is developed on a modern technological framework "1C:Enterprise 8". The configuration "Management of manufacturing enterprise" enters a set of delivery of the software product, in addition to a platform.

High reliability and productivity of an applied solution, scalability, creation of geographically distributed systems, integration with other information systems is provided. The internal device of an applied solution is completely open for studying and setup under specific requirements of the enterprise.

The 1C firm finishes and "Management of manufacturing enterprise" for the purpose of reflection of changes of the legislation and expansion of functionality develops a configuration. Operational updating of the set applied solutions is provided. From 1C firm and its partners the multi-layer system of technical support is provided.

All mechanisms of automation of an applied solution can be divided into two big classes conditionally:

  • mechanisms for maintenance of operating activities of the enterprise;
  • mechanisms for conducting not operational accounting.

The sections belonging to operating activities can be selected in each type of accounting (except for accounting on IFRS).

Besides, the applied solution is divided into the separate subsystems responsible for a solution of groups of similar tasks: subsystem of management money, human resource management subsystem, accounting subsystem, etc. Similar division represents some convention which facilitates mastering of an applied solution. In the current work of users of border between subsystems are practically not felt.

The last edition of a configuration "Management of manufacturing enterprise" which assigned number 1.3, clearly demonstrates advantages of new version 8.2 of the 1C:Enterprise platform . The configuration can be used in the mode of the normal application, usual for users of former editions.

"1s:upravleniye by manufacturing enterprise 8" it can be used in a number of divisions and services of manufacturing enterprises, including:

  • management (CEO, finance director, commercial director, director of production, chief engineer, HR director, director of IT, director of development);
  • economical department;
  • production workshops;
  • production and dispatching department;
  • department of the chief designer;
  • department of the chief technologist;
  • department of the chief mechanical engineer;
  • sales department;
  • department of material support (supply);
  • department of marketing;
  • warehouses of materials and finished goods;
  • accounts department;
  • human resources department;
  • department of the organization of work and employment;
  • IT service;
  • administrative department;
  • department of capital construction;
  • information and analytical department;
  • department of strategic development.

It is expected that the greatest effect will give implementation of an applied solution at the enterprises numbering personnel from several tens to several thousand people having tens and hundreds of automated workplaces and also in holding and network structures.

"1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise 8" provides:

  • to the manual of the enterprise and the managers who are responsible for business development — ample opportunities of the analysis, planning and flexible resource management of the company for increase of its competitiveness;
  • to the heads of divisions, managers and employees who are directly engaged in production, sales, supplying and other activity for ensuring process of production — the tools allowing to increase efficiency of daily work on the directions;
  • to employees of registration services of the enterprise — means for the automated conducting accounting in full accordance with requirements of the legislation and corporate standards of the enterprise.
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Program 1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise
Program 1s:upravleniye manufacturing enterprise
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