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Radiators, steel bottom connection (pc) buy in Ekaterinburg
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Radiators, steel bottom connection (pc)

Radiators, steel bottom connection (pc)

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Radiator steel bottom connection (pc) </ h3> Available views: panel; type: 10, 11, 20, 21, 22, 30, 33. Additional Features check with our specialists.

Radiator steel bottom connection (pc). </ P>

Type: panel. </ P>

Type: 10, 11, 20, 21, 22, 30, 33. </ p>

Manufacturer: Buderus, Heaton, Heaton Smart, IMAS, Kermi, LEMAX, PRADO, Purmo, Rommer , Lida. </ P>

Radiator Brand: Hygiene HV, Logatrend K-Profil, Logatrend VK-Profil, Universal, Ventil Compact CV, Ventil Compact VC, VK-Profil. </ P>

Dimensions: 200h1000, 200h1100, 200h1200, 200h1400, 200h1600, 200h1800, 200h2000, 200h2300, 200h2600, 200h3000, 200x600, 200h800, 200h900, 300h1000, 300h1100, 300h1200, 300h1300, 300h1400, 300h1500, 300h1600, 300h1700 , 300h1800, 300h1900, 300h2000, 300h2100, 300h2200, 300h2300, 300h2400, 300h2500, 300h2600, 300h2700, 300h2800, 300h2900, 300h3000, 300h400, 300h500, 300h600, 300h700, 300h800, 300h900, 400h1000, 400h1100, 400h1200, 400h1300, 400h1400, 400h1500 , 400h1600, 400h1800, 400h2000, 400h2300, 400h2600, 400h3000, 400x400, 400h500, 400x600, 400h700, 400h800, 400h900, 500h1000, 500h1100, 500h1200, 500h1300, 500h1400, 500h1500, 500h1600, 500h1700, 500h1800, 500h1900, 500h2000, 500h2100, 500h2200 , 500h2300, 500h2400, 500h2500, 500h2600, 500h2700, 500h2800, 500h2900, 500h3000, 500h400, 500x500, 500h600, 500h700, 500h800, 500h900, 600h1000, 600h1100, 600h1200, 600h1300, 600h1400, 600h1500, 600h1600, 600h1800, 600h2000, 600h2300, 600h2600 , 600h3000, 600x400, 600h500, 600x600, 600h700, 600x800, 600h900, 900h1000, 900h1100, 900h1200, 900h1300, 900h1400, 900h1500, 900h1600, 900h1800, 900h2000, 900h2300, 900h2600, 900h3000, 900h400, 900h500, 900h600, 900h700, 900h800, 900h900. </ P>

Heat dissipation 1006 Tues 1075 Tues 1080 Tues 1102 Tues 1118 Tues 1186 Tues 1206 Tues 1210 Tues 1231 Tues 1297 Tues 1342 Tues 1383 Tues 1453 Tues 1519 W , 1521 Tues 1540 Tues 1565 Tues 1568 Tues 1676 Tues 1740 Tues 1743 Tues 1744 Tues 1756 Tues 1789 Tues 1901 Tues 1989 Tues 2012 Tues 2076 Tues 2107 Tues 2115 Tues 2124 W, 2188 W, 2223 watts, 2224 watts, 2237 watts, 2341 watts, 2348 watts, 2373 watts, 2395 watts, 2397 watts, 2458 watts, 2460 watts, 2537 watts, 2566 watts, 2574 watts, 2635 watts, 2670 watts, 2678 watts, 2829 watts, 2910 watts, 2960 watts, 2966 watts, 3081 watts, 3082 watts, 3101 watts, 3252 watts, 3263 watts, 3264 watts, 3295 watts, 3423 watts, 3489 watts, 3559 watts, 3594 watts, 3681 watts , 3699 watts, 3765 watts, 3857 watts, 3875 watts, 4069 watts, 4134 watts, 4153 watts, 4263 watts, 4449 watts, 447 watts, 453 watts, 4570 watts, 4745 watts, 4786 watts, 5043 watts, 5339 watts, 559 W, 5635 W, 5933 W, 6229 W, 6525 W, 670 W, 689 W, 692 W, 783 W, 881 W, 895 watts. </ P>

Additional Info: Without holder, Russia. </ P>

of interest to you to specify the characteristics of our specialists. </ P>

CC MTTs - a unique wholesale (and wholesale) complex that combines:

  • MetalloTerminal discharged thousands of tons of metal each month; </ Li>
  • The service center, which includes metalworking services, and isolate rental; </ Li>
  • efficient logistics in the field of transport services, thanks to which we always carry out the delivery of goods in time. </ Li>

Product catalog of our company - is a huge variety of quality products that can be bought at most attractive prices.

We produce wholesale supply of metal for nearly 20 years as a leader in the industry. The daily volume shipments of our products is more than 400 tons.

All the questions of payment and delivery we discuss individually. Can provide an individual approach to each client and offer exactly the type of cooperation that will have you on the soul and lead to mutually beneficial cooperation

Our company has always been mindful of its customers and offers flexible discount system, backed up by a variety of regular bonuses, namely:. < li> Regular customers - free shipping; </ Li>

  • When shipping more than 4 tons of goods - delivery is free; </ Li>
  • In the second order - discount of 25% on cutting services, cutting, delivery, isolation. </ Li>

For more information on other discounts and bonuses can be obtained from your manager.

Our experts will help you choose the right products and will make sure that the order reached the destination as quickly as possible. If you urgently need the metal at the weekend - no big deal! We ship orders both on weekdays and weekends at the same speed.

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Radiators, steel bottom connection (pc)
Radiators, steel bottom connection (pc)
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