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Raisin, fruit dried, raisin. buy in Moscow
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Raisin, fruit dried, raisin.

Raisin, fruit dried, raisin.

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Countries of origin

The main countries of origin are: Turkey, USA, Iran, Afghanistan.

Deliveries from such countries as are possible: China, Chile, Greece, Australia, Argentina, Uzbekistan and countries of South Africa.

Types of raisin:

- light, small raisin, without stones from sweet green and white (gray) grades of grapes. Most often it is called sultana grape (the culinary name), or a sabza (a modern trade name);

- dark, almost black or blue, and the dark and claret beskostochkovy raisin, on old culinary terminology - "korinka", on modern trade — "can", or "shigana" is more often. Has two main versions: very sweet and slightly sweet, dryish consistence;

- light - olive color, average size, usual raisin with one stone;

- large, fleshy, very sweet, nice to the taste, with two - three big stones. Receive it from grade grapes to the husayena — "ladies' fingers" or from a germian.

In trade distinguish raisin:

- factory processing;

- manual processing.

The factory raisin more exactly, is better cleared of impurity, but less fragrant, than raisin of manual processing.

The grapes grades used for production of raisin

More than 8000 grades of grapes are known.

The most popular grades are:

- Sultan (Turkey, Iran, China);

- Golden (Turkey, Chile, USA, Iran);

- Maloyar (Iran);

- Thompson (USA, Chile, Argentina);

- Fleym (Chile, USA, Argentina);

- Krimson (Chile, Argentina).

Raisin types

Depending on color, the raisin is subdivided into seven types, from most dark (No. 7) to lightest (No. 13) (this gradation is characteristic of raisin of production of Turkey).

Raisin size

There are three main sizes of raisin: small, large and very large.

- small 550 - 650 berries on 100 g

- large 310 - 360 berries on 100 g (for production of China - 280 - 320 berries / 100г)

- very large 260 - 300 berries on 100 g (for production of China - 200 - 100 berries / 100г)

The AGROIMPEKS company is ready to suggest you to acquire raisin wholesale both from a warehouse, and under the order.

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Raisin, fruit dried, raisin.
Raisin, fruit dried, raisin.
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