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  • 20000 RUB/m3  - from 70 m3
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Russia, Zelenograd
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Length3 m
  • Width40 mm
  • ProcessingSliced
  • Wood speciesPine
  • Colorестественный
  • Thickness30 mm
Breed Size, name of a grade GOST Grade Length Product name Marking Humidity
fir - tree pine larch 13 - 20 x 30 - 90 AKS 8486 - 86 1 - 3 3 - 4 meters the lath is planed AKS 16 - 18%
13 - 20 x 30 - 90DKS 4 DKS
13 - 20 x 30 - 90NKS 26002 - 83 5 NKS (not standard)

The lath planed is a thin cut board which is processed by means of planing. Processing is carried out on modern lines of production of planed timber therefore qualitative pogonazhny products turn out. Sale of a lath of planed and other production of the lesoobrabatyvayushchy industry is conducted today in accelerated tempo as construction materials from a tree are always necessary for works of various character, and the cut board like lath planed is suitable for performance practically of any repair and construction and finishing actions.

As for the sizes, at the lath offered to realization the following metric data: 13 - 20х30 - 90 mm, length are 3 - 4 meters. The lath planed is made from a pine, a fir - tree and a larch according to GOST 8486 - 86 (1 - 4 grade) and GOST 26002 - 83 (the 5th grade) which represents a sub - standard wooden lath. Thanks to a special proportion of the sizes and careful processing this type of timber is allocated among other with physicomechanical indicators - flexibility in combination with resistance to deformation. The percent of humidity makes 16 - 18% . The prices of all grades of a planed lath from the producer are specified in the price list.


Pogonazhny products of the corresponding profile are suitable for versatile houseworks or on the garden seasonal dacha, not to do without them at furniture factory, in construction branch and design registration.

In construction the planed lath from the producer is applied:

- at a construction of baths, arbors, garages, country wings,

- at production of the protecting designs (fences, protections, gates, gate),

- at repair work (both indoors, and outside),

- at construction of interroom partitions (additional walls in the building),

- in production of doors and windows,

- at production of frameworks and basic bases for finishing works.

In furniture production of a lath planed are necessary:

- during creation of the main frameworks of sofas, beds and other furniture,

- for production of decorative elements.

In design works the lath planed is necessary:

- for manufacture of a framework of windows and doors (platbands),

- at production of a decorative framework for pictures (baguettes),

- in finishing of chimney zones,

- during creation of decorative levels.

The Optlestorg company shows consideration for business management and execution of orders therefore before sale of a lath planed and other timber experts check party for completeness according to accompanying documents - here make out them in short terms and without excess delays.

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