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Technical characteristics
  • BrandБеларусь
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • Type of vegetable oilCanola
  • Type of treatmentRefined
  • ColorYellow

Rape oil takes the third place in world production, after soy and cotton. It is received extraction or pressing with the subsequent processing. Not refined first grade and the refined not deodorized grades are intended for public catering and sale through a distribution network. In the food purposes the product in which the acid number does not exceed 6 mg of KOH/g, and erukovy acid - 3% is allowed.

Rape oil possesses specific pleasant taste and aroma, and on the tastes does not concede to olive. Especially it is appreciated ability for a long time to keep transparency and not to change aroma as it occurs with sunflower and soy.

Colza oil is widely applied in cookery as a basis of gas stations for salads, soups, sauces, and also for preparation of various vegetable, meat and fish dishes, pastries, marinades. Make margarine and various grades of mayonnaise of rape oil. Food grades are also demanded in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry - use them as a basis for ointments, oil injections and preparations on care of skin and hair.

The traditional direction of use of rape oil is its addition in compound feeds an animal. Now in farms by drawing up diets for animals and a bird fats usually normalize without fat and acid structure. However nature of biological effect of fat depends on the fatty acids which are contained in it. At the same time distinctions in biological effect of separate fatty acids are shown mainly in formation of structural lipids. Along with fat and acid structure the value of any oil depends also on contents in it biologically active connections - tokoferol, carotinoids and others. On the maintenance of tokoferol, natural inhibitors of oxidation, colza takes the third place after soy (80 - 120 mg of % ) and sunflower (60 - 100 mg of % ). The total of tokoferol in sizosemyanny forms of colza varies from 40 to 50 mg of % , zheltosemyanny - 40 - 70 mg of % . Besides in a tokoferolny complex of colza the strongest y - form in the anti - oxidizing relation prevails. Its contents varies from 47 to 67% .

At input of 2% of rape oil in a diet of a bird, contents in it exchange energy increases by 3% , linoleic acid - for 7% , crude fat - for 27% , at the same time the maintenance of a crude protein and other nutrients decreased by 2% . Inclusion of rape oil in composition of polnoratsionny compound feeds for chickens does not exert negative impact on intensity of growth of a bird, at the same time costs of forages of a unit of production significantly decrease.

Oil from seeds bezerukovy and low - glyukozinolatnykhsortov colza is southern to use as a power source in compound feeds starters for pigs of early depriving and in polnoratsionny compound feeds for the fattened pigs. Use of rape oil as a part of compound feeds for the growing fattened pigs in number of 3 - 6% on weight or equivalent amount of its mix with animal fat (in the ratio 1: 1) promotes increase in average daily prirost of mass of pigs at reduction compound feed costs of 1 kg of a gain

Oil from seeds of usual grades of colza continues to be in demand industrial chemical, metallurgical, tanning, soap - producing, textile, tinctorial and other productions. It is widely used in mechanical engineering. However as the most perspective really it is necessary to consider use of rape oil for receiving fuel. Including because, first, high productivity of colza gives the chance with 1 hectare of its crops to have 1000 - 1500 l of biofuel; secondly, does a source of raw materials almost inexhaustible.

The main advantage of the fuel received from rape oil — almost full biodegradability. 10 — 12% of masses which are contained in them, oxygen allow to reduce considerably emissions in the atmosphere of such harmful substances as hydrocarbon and soot, and also nitrogen oxides — because of decrease in temperatures of combustion. Besides, rape oil actually does not contain compound of sulfur; in it there are no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons also — the carcinogens which are usually contained in the fulfilled gases of diesels.

It is considered perspective, as well as in case of other oils, not rape oil, and the methyl air received from it. This air represents mix of methyl air of fatty acids. Receive it by a direct pereeterifikation of acylglycerin of rape oil with methyl alcohol at a temperature of 353 — 363 To (80 — 90 °C) in the presence of caustic potassium. On the physical and chemical properties it is close to standard diesel fuel, i. e. differs from the oil in the smaller density, viscosity and temperature of ignition, higher cetane number therefore can, move that is very important in engine cylinders the regular toplivopodayushchy equipment. The main thing, during the work at it the diesel becomes ecologically purer.

Quality indicator Value
Rape oil
Not refined Refined
brand P brand T
Normative document STB OF 1486 - 2004
Organoleptic indicators
Transparency Easy turbidity is allowed Transparent
Smell and taste The smell peculiar to rape oil, without foreign smells. Taste is not defined Flavourless, Taste of the depersonalized oil
Physical and chemical indicators
Color number, iodine mg, no more 85 95 5
Acid number, mg GAME/g, no more 3, 6 4, 8 0, 22
Perekisny number, mmol/kg, no more 3, 2 2, 9 2, 7
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles, % , no more 0, 07 0, 15 0, 15
Mass fraction of fosforosoderzhashchy substances of substances in terms of stearooleoletsitin, % , no more 0, 76 0, 62 0, 01
Mass fraction of erukovy acid, % to the sum of fatty acids, no more 1 1, 9 1, 2
Mass fraction of sulfur, mg/kg, no more 23, 15 50 2
Maintenance of toxic elements
Lead, mg/kg 0, 01 0, 1 0, 01
Arsenic, mg/kg 0, 06 0, 1 0, 01
Cadmium, mg/kg 0, 003 0, 05 0, 01
Mercury, mg/kg 0, 004 0, 03 0, 01
Copper, mg/kg 0, 07 0, 5 0, 09
Iron, zinc, mg/kg 2, 0 5, 0 0, 57
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