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Rated sportsmen valve are intended for protection of electric equipment of alternating current mains against various retension; represents a number of the spark intervals (SI), consistently with which nonlinear resistance are included (i.e. resistance which size depends on tension). For alignment of tension along SP parallel to the last include the shunting resistance. SP, the nonlinear and shunting resistance place in the pressurized porcelain insulators that excludes influence of atmospheric conditions on characteristics of a rated sportsman.

Rated sportsmen valve provide stability of tension of breakdown, volt - the second characteristic which is coordinated from volts - second characteristics of the protected isolation, and clearing of an arch of the accompanying current. When the accruing overstrain reaches the size of penetrative tension of a rated sportsman, SP make the way and current of a wave of an overstrain begins to proceed on the earth through nonlinear resistance; at the same time tension on a rated sportsman (the "remaining" tension) is defined by power failure on these resistance which is lower than penetrative. It also limits amplitude of tension influencing isolation. After breakdown of SP through a rated sportsman also current of industrial frequency in 50 Hz (the accompanying current) which upon its first transition through zero has to be disconnected by clearing of an arch in SP begins to proceed. The rated sportsman resistance size is lower, the tension on it and the better it protective action is lower, but at the same time the accompanying current grows that complicates its shutdown. In a magnetic and valve rated sportsman clearing of an arch of the accompanying current is provided with a magnetic field which is imposed on SP ("magnetic blasting"). Improvement of characteristics of modern valve rated sportsmen is reached by use of resistors with big coefficient of nonlinearity
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Rated sportsmen
Rated sportsmen
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