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Rda rated sportsmen: rdip, rdy, rdish. buy in Reutov
Buy Rda rated sportsmen: rdip, rdy, rdish.
Rda rated sportsmen: rdip, rdy, rdish.

Rda rated sportsmen: rdip, rdy, rdish.

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RDISh-10-4 UHL1 rated sportsman.
Overlapping length on a surface: 80 cm
External spark interval: 2-4 cm
Pulse 50% - Nov digit tension, no more:
on positive polarity of 110 kV
on negative polarity of 90 kV
The pulse tension which is repeatedly maintained by internal isolation, not less:
50 impulses
300 kV
The maintained tension of industrial frequency, not less:
in a dry condition of 42 kV
in the rain 28 kV
Weight: 2,3 kg
Service life, not less: 30 years


The rated sportsman of RDISh-10-4 UHL1 has the following features:

• Combines functions of a rated sportsman and a loop
• Protects from the induced tension
• Can be established instead of a loopback rated sportsman.

It is expedient to apply rated sportsmen of RDISh-10-4 UHL1 to protection of VL 6, 10 of kV against the induced storm retension when it is necessary to apply double fastening of wires. They should be established on one on a support with alternation of phases, just as RDIP-10-4 rated sportsman.

Basic element of a rated sportsman of RDISh-10-4 UHL1 is the piece of a special cable with an aluminum monolithic vein of Ø 9 mm and three-layer isolation from the sewed polyethylene (PE) with a general thickness about 4 mm. The layer, adjacent to a vein, is executed from the carrying-out PE, the center - from purely insulating PE, and an external layer - from svetostabilizirovanny trekingostoyky PE. On one of plechy a piece of a cable the intermediate ring electrodes providing splitting the channel of overlapping into separate pieces are established. The cable is supplied by aluminum okontsevatel through which the vein of a cable supports isolation limits. The rated sportsman of RDISh-10-4 UHL1 fastens to a wire for these releases with use of clips. In a middle part of a cable the metal tube for which, by means of a bracket and a binding the knitting wire, carries out fixture of a rated sportsman to an insulator is established. To the probe of the same insulator, opposite to a metal tube, the rod electrode for providing a necessary spark interval is established.

Connecting clips are made of the steel covered with a protective layer of zinc and have the design providing reliable fastening of a rated sportsman to VL wire. The design of a clip has two modifications allowing to establish a rated sportsman both on uninsulated wires and on the protected wires for which the clip has the biting-through thorns.

For achievement of a necessary spark interval of 20-40 mm bending of a rod electrode, by the application of effort after its installation is possible.

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Rda rated sportsmen: rdip, rdy, rdish.
Rda rated sportsmen: rdip, rdy, rdish.
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