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Re-equipment of cars order in Rjazan
Order Re-equipment of cars
Re-equipment of cars

Re-equipment of cars

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Russia, Rjazan
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Re-equipment of cars:

·The equipment of the car UAZ, GAS in special "Fisherman", "Hunter"

· Lifting of cars

· Production and installation of hatches for hunting

· Installation of winches

· Production and installation of metal bumpers and holders of a spare wheel

· Production and installation of roof luggage carriers with ladders

· Additional light on arches

· Production and installation of arches of rigidity for the car UAZ 3962

· Production and installation in insides of the car of boxes, folding sofas, little tables

· For the Hunter car a set of metal bumpers (forward with arches)

· Production and installation of wings, footboards

· Replacement of coverings of a floor (translean, aluminum)

And also:

  • production and installation of protective lattices like "Kengurin"
  • replacement of DVS, bridges, check point
  • installation of wheels of bigger dimension
  • installation of a weather-cloth from plastic
  • acoustics installation
  • installation of autoradio tape recorders
  • installation and replacement of plastic panels
  • installation of the central locks
  • installation of alarm systems
  • lattices on back glasses
  • installation of seats from foreign cars
  • installation of the breaker of weight
  • installation and connection of additional ovens
  • installation of the hydraulic booster
  • shumo-vibro isolation of a body and salon
  • installation of cables of a vetkosbros
  • anticorrosive processing of a body
  • processing of wheel arches
  • cutting of wings with change of a form and the subsequent coloring

And many other things by the individual order.

We provide services on the equipment and re-equipment of regular and special cars:

  • vehicles for transportation of valuable freights
  • mobile stations of technical radio control - PS Broadcasting Company
  • cars of a special purpose (Ministry of Emergency Situations, ambulance, firefighters, vehicles for transportation of prisoners and so forth)
  • command cars
  • cars for hunting, fishing, trips and there is a lot of another.

We carry out the equipment, a complete set and complete outfitting of different types of automotive equipment:

- mobile laboratories of different function;
- auto repair shops;
- special vehicles for emergency services;
- special motor transport for rescue services;
- motor transport for transportation of passengers;
- points of control;
- cars for road services;
- school buses;
- ambulance cars and resuscitation cars;
- cars for transportation of disabled people;
- ritual motor transport.

commercial cars:

- representative cars;
- luxury cars;
- mobile offices;
- advertizing cars;
- mobile houses;
- cars for hunters and the fisher;
- rotational cars;
- educational cars;
- construction cars;
- cars with drilling rigs;
- motor transport with the lifting equipment;
- special cars with manipulators;
- fuel-servicing trucks;
- gazobalonovoz;
- autodining rooms;
- milk tankers;
- grain vans;
- municipal cars;
- tow trucks;
- vacuum cars;
- garbage trucks.

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Re-equipment of cars
Re-equipment of cars
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