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Re-equipment of trucks order in Neejneey novgorod
Order Re-equipment of trucks
Re-equipment of trucks

Re-equipment of trucks

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Russia, Neejneey novgorod
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If you need to extend your car, to establish the extended onboard body, an europlatform (an awning, a framework, gate) or a van (isothermal, furniture, manufactured goods, shop trailer, a shelter for hunting and fishing, the inhabited module, auto repair shop) - address to LLC ATTs.

Re-equipment of your car in the autotow truck!!!

We will be able quickly and qualitatively to extend the Gazelle Valdai GAS 3309 or other car of brand, TATA, ISUZU to Isuz, HYUNDAI of Hyundai, FOTON the Photon, ZIL 5301 bull-calves, BAW Fenix of Bav a phoenix, FUSO, HINO of Hino, MAZ a zubrenok, Mercedes Mercedes, Faw, KamAZ, MAZ, Isudza, Volvo, etc.

Lengthening of a frame of cargo cars. The converted chassis of the extended truck possesses sufficient margin of safety thanks to unique technology of connection of an insert with a frame.

One of primary activities of our enterprise is – production, installation of onboard bodies on trucks of various brands. An onboard platform with an awning or without it, with folding lateral and back boards, with a high forward board.

Racks are made of steel and can be removable or stationary.

Production, installation, production of eurovans for ruzovy cars.

The europlatform (the eurotruck or eurovan) is the frame design with an awning made of profile pipes with rectangular section. The euroboard, an eurovan represents an onboard platform with the strengthened high framework with an awning from frost-resistant fabric (import material of various flowers) and back oar gate. There is a possibility of production of lateral and top loading – unloading. The sizes of an europlatform depend on your requirements.

We offer cargo platforms on all types of the GAS, Hyundai, Isuzu, Tata, Baw, Foton, Faw chassis, Zyl, Fuso, Hino, MAZ, etc.

We suggest to buy the onboard Gazelle Valdai GAS 3309, 33081, 330202, 33023 platforms, etc. We have favorable prices!

LLC ATTs is engaged in production, production and sale of motor vans. You can buy from us an isothermal van, a furniture or manufactured goods van (motor van).

Let's install a van on your chassis GAZ, ISUZU to Isuz, HYUNDAI of Hyundai, FOTON the Photon, ZIL a bull-calf, BAW Fenix of Bav a phoenix, FUSO, HINO of Hino, MAZ, Mercedes Mercedes.

Replacement of old vans and onboard platforms.


Documents are necessary for re-equipment of the car standing on the registration account: permission from traffic police (is given in a place of registration)

Ph. +7 (930) 270 33 33

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Re-equipment of trucks
Re-equipment of trucks
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