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Replacement of catalysts by flame arresters - Novosibirsk, the left coas order in Novosibirsk
Order Replacement of catalysts by flame arresters - Novosibirsk, the left coas
Replacement of catalysts by flame arresters - Novosibirsk, the left coas

Replacement of catalysts by flame arresters - Novosibirsk, the left coas

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Russia, Novosibirsk
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Our special Car center carries out expeditious and high quality repair of the exhaust system of your car on the most attractive conditions and in short terms (from 1st to 2 days). 

The catalyst is one of the most important knots of the exhaust system of the car, responsible for decrease not only noise level from the working engine, but – the most important is a neutralization of toxicity of exhaust gases. Also it is decrease in a radio noise and reduction of negative consequences of influence of operation of the car by participants of the movement and the environment that conforms to requirements of ecological safety.

Catalytic converter of exhaust gases, became already an obligatory option for all released cars in the developed countries. Through the catalyst there pass all exhaust gases. Its mission - to oxidize the harmful connections which are contained in exhaust gases, to break gases streams and to remove a rezonation.

First of all it is worth noticing that with the faulty catalyst full operation of the exhaust system is impossible. This detail is insignificant by the size, but undertakes all loading of the working car. And, as is in close proximity to the car engine, passes through itself gases of high temperature and vibration of the working engine. Besides, the catalyst plays a role of a cleaner which interferes with emission of harmful connections in the environment.

Uniform, effective and productive operation of the exhaust system is impossible in cases of breakage, cracks or deformation of parts of this detail. Its design is rather simple, but the content of salts of platinum, rhodium or palladium affects detail cost not in the best way. Therefore many owners of second-hand foreign cars though once, but faced the choice - whether to buy new, rather expensive detail or to look for the ways of a solution of the problem of "dead" of catalytic converter which were more acceptable for the purse.

 If in your car fuel consumption considerably increased, engine capacity noticeably decreased – address us, our experts will quickly and qualitatively make replacement of the catalyst on your car, or will make a flame arrester in a catalyst body individually for your car, or will install the minicatalyst.

We can also install new spare parts or units of the exhaust system as we have practically all range of these spare parts and at much favorable prices, than in retail autoshops.

 We can make and establish necessary suspensions or arms for an exhaust of your car.

Also we make production of details and knots of the exhaust system according to drawings or your wishes.

We make repair of the exhaust system of any complexity:

  • we repair internal partitions of cans of the resonator or muffler,
  • we make walls of cans of the resonator or the muffler,
  • we delete the catalyst,
  • we make a flame arrester on the basis of the catalyst
  • we make the doubled exhaust,
  • we establish "direct flow" and so on.

We do tuning of the exhaust system.

We work at this market of services since 2002.

We provide a full complex of a cycle of repair work - from delivery of the necessary spare part, a detail or the unit of a car, before its full installation on your car!

We are dealers of many wholesale suppliers working in our region – therefore the spare parts installed at us to the client will cost much cheaper, than bought them at retail. 

Preliminary (visual) survey, consultation of the master and shortchanging of necessary repair work - FREE.

We work and by appointment.

We work as on cash, and clearing settlement, payment by the card including. 

You can in comfortable conditions wait for the end of repair work.

If repair work occupies time more, than one working day, then your car remains under reliable protection and video surveillance. 

We give a guarantee for EVERYTHING the performed works.


We invite entrust repair of important knots of your car to visit our special Car center of TERMO-MOBILE to PROFESSIONALS!!!

Attention! Cost is specified average and can change depending on complexity of the performed works.

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Replacement of catalysts by flame arresters - Novosibirsk, the left coas
Replacement of catalysts by flame arresters - Novosibirsk, the left coas
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