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Restoration of fertility to ecological standards

Restoration of fertility to ecological standards

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Our company has developed several unique technologies of organic farming that can help increase the yield and environmental friendliness of the products, preserve and introduce degraded and arid areas into agricultural circulation.

The main problem in the development of the system of ecological regulation of soils and lands is that until now there is no consensus establishing the relationship between the permissible ecological state of the environment, in particular soils and lands, and the permissible level of anthropogenic impact on them. There are only a few scientific approaches to the regulation of the ecological quality of soils and lands.

Ecological standardization of soils of lands for different economic purposes, in contrast to that when taking into account their natural (typical) belonging, is complicated by at least two circumstances:

  1. Each type of economic use of land, one way or another, changes the natural properties of soils.
  2. Each type of use has its own legislatively established rules for the management of land resources, which is reflected in the economic, social, environmental and medical norms of permissible degradation and soil pollution, which often have a technocratic emphasis.

Thus, in the process of establishing standards for soils of different categories of lands, ecologists are faced with solving a complex multidimensional problem, which in the dynamically developing management practice of nature management is often solved without proper scientific justification. As a result, the prevailing uncertainty does not allow to accurately calculate the level of deviation of the state of soils from the environmental standard for a specific type of soil and land use, respectively, to correctly assess the feasibility of their economic use and make an unambiguous decision on the need for reclamation work.

The problem of reducing soil productivity

Farmers in our country and around the world are striving to increase crop yields to feed a growing population. But in recent years, it has become much more difficult to increase yields due to the increased chemicalization and destruction of the upper fertile layer. For industrial zones, this point is of less importance, but this does not reduce the severity of the problem, especially in these zones it is intensified by pollution with heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

Soil erosion and degradation occurs mainly due to a decrease in the content of organic matter in it, that is, decaying plants, microorganisms and other important parts of the ecosystem that are able to restore it themselves. According to regulatory authorities, the content of organic matter in many countries on various types of soils has decreased by 40 - 60% . This is a serious global problem because:

  • The moisture content and permeability of the soil, that is, the ability to absorb and filter water, depends on the content of organic substances.
  • The amount of nutrients in the soil, which is used by aboriginal microorganisms, capable of restoring fertility to ecological standards, decreases.

Soil scientists are sounding the alarm in search of existing methods and technologies that can restore the strength of the soil. In recent years, the research and production company "ECO TIM" has developed several unique technologies of organic farming, thanks to which it is planned to improve the so - called health of the soil.

Modern technology for soil restoration

The proposed technologies will be able to help farmers, cattle breeders and large agricultural holdings to increase yields and environmental friendliness of their products, to preserve and introduce degraded and arid areas into agricultural circulation, thereby saving money for their development.

We are faced with huge new opportunities for the use of land, which yesterday was unsuitable for agriculture. Improving soil health is beneficial for both growers and the environment. If you increase the soil organic carbon content by only 1% , you can increase the water holding capacity of the soil from 240 to 1,100 liters per hectare. This means that many farms, farmers and pastoralists will be able to withstand the drought and keep their businesses.

The proposed recultivations can significantly improve soil health. Before starting work on the restoration of the soil cover, it is imperative to find out how rich the soil is in organic matter. This is when the AViTA® reclaimant comes into play.

To determine the quality of the soil, it is necessary to take a soil sample, make an analysis in an agrochemical laboratory and obtain a conclusion on the condition of the soil. A laboratory specialist extracts DNA from soil samples in order to establish which microorganisms are present in it. This analysis is decisive for the choice of soil rehabilitation technology, and this data will also allow our specialists to determine and provide our customers with important information about the predisposition to soil diseases.

The specialists of ECO TeM LLC can tell the customer what beneficial microorganisms are present in the soil, as well as warn about the possibility of the presence of pathogenic bacteria or toxic contaminants in it, which affect environmental aspects, reduce soil productivity and product quality.

How AViTA® recultivators work

Our proposed soil restoration and reclamation technology contains fermented products of organic processing of poultry manure or manure and a unique natural complex of humic and fulvic acids, which is an extremely powerful combination for the restoration of any ecosystem.

AViTA® recultivators have high enzymatic activity and improved agrochemical and agrophysical characteristics. This allows for a short time to reduce the impact of toxic compounds - salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides and other toxic compounds on areas unsuitable for agriculture, including arid, depleted and polluted soils with industrial emissions.

The main task for our enterprise, which we successfully solved, was the creation of environmentally friendly highly effective reclamation, prolonged action, which is a balanced system of organic components, compounds of macro and microelements, microorganisms, active enzymes, vitamins and physiologically active substances, for the formation of a fertile layer soils with high agrophysical and agrochemical characteristics.

The entire set of these natural components in a certain proportion opens up new opportunities for the speedy restoration of the earth and bringing its parameters to the required ecological standard.

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Restoration of fertility to ecological standards
Restoration of fertility to ecological standards
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