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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Kind of natural turfMeadow
  • Method of lawn makingRoll

We offer the device of a rolled lawn our "turnkey" experts. It guarantees high level of work performance, the minimum terms and a guarantee for a lawn. The device of a rolled lawn includes all necessary complex of works: preparation of the basis of a site, if necessary cut and export not of suitable soil, delivery on a site of fertile soil, alignment and consolidation of soil, delivery and laying of a lawn, rolling (consolidation) of a lawn, watering.

In our company it is possible just to buy a rolled lawn, quality, with delivery to your site or shipment at own expense from our warehouse, and you can independently perform laying of a rolled lawn and a preparatory work, following appropriate technology, see below the description:

All process of the device of a rolled lawn includes the following technological stages:

1. Preparation of a site under laying of a lawn.

The site on which it is planned to lay a lawn needs to be cleared of weeds and to clean the construction debris which stayed at home after construction.

2. Vertical layout of the district.

It is necessary to mark the intended territory for laying of the turf and to pull a cord on its edges then it is necessary to level the territory to eliminate all increases and decreases of a relief on a site. On small sites it is possible to use an equal board.

3. Formation of a fertile layer of earth and application of fertilizers.

If on a site there are places where water stands, then you need drainage system. The easiest way of the device of a drainage looks as follows. Clean a layer of earth. Stack gravel of 10 - 15 cm on not fertile soil and condense, then it also stamp a layer of sand of 10 cm. Instead of sand it is also possible to use geotextiles. Then fill fertile soil of 10 - 15 cm, it needs to be condensed by means of a skating rink weighing 100 - 110 kg. For the best rooting of a lawn complex fertilizer is introduced.

4. Preparation of the turf before laying.

To stack a lawn it is possible to begin since March and until the end of fall prior to the beginning of frosts. After purchase of a rolled lawn it is impossible to be late with its laying to avoid death of the bought lawn. If you for any reason cannot lay all lawn at once, then it is necessary to develop rolls and to put in a shadow, in need of it it is necessary to water.

5. Laying of the turf.

Stack a lawn by the principle of a bricklaying, put each following row with shift rather previous on 50% . On the region of the platform it is necessary to stack the whole pieces of a lawn. Do not allow imposing of strips of a lawn at each other. Do a press which accurately stamp each new number of a lawn of boards. Remember that it is impossible to go on not laid sites. If at your platform the arc - shaped edges, do not try to bend lawn layers for receiving curved edge, spread edges straight lines, and then cut off surplus by means of a garden knife. When laying on the inclined plane of a strip of a lawn it is correct to have in the horizontal direction. After laid a lawn, it needs to be watered plentifully. When watering on 1m. kv. 15 - 20 liters of water, on condition of watering 2 - 3 times a week are spent.

Important component in further high - quality care of a rolled lawn is regular watering. Therefore it is desirable to provide installation of system of automatic watering of a lawn on your site, it is very convenient and useful both for a lawn and for other plants system. As a rule, the owner of a site, watering a lawn - does not water it, and moistens "grass" whereas it is necessary to water roots of this "grass". Water has to get into soil on depth of 4 - 6 cm, here and it turns out that, on 5 hundred parts of a lawn will be required to at least 10 m3 of water to pour out 10 m3 of water seven hours of your time will be required by one garden hose, and pledge of an ideal lawn is a watering.

The direct relations with the leading producers and regular, weekly deliveries allow our company to offer you the lowest prices of a rolled lawn in Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region.

In confirmation of our quality rolled lawn and the provided services get acquainted with ours of photo galleries. We place only author's photos, i. e. the works performed by the staff of our company.

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Rolled lawn
Rolled lawn
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