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Rolled lawn "House-keeper the City buy in Chelyabinsk
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Rolled lawn "House-keeper the City

Rolled lawn "House-keeper the City

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Russia, Chelyabinsk
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Technical characteristics
  • Method of lawn makingRoll
  • Kind of natural turfMeadow

Is ideally suited for city gardening. Perfectly maintains mechanical loadings. It is possible to use safely under children's domestic platforms and entrance groups


Chelyabinsk Kozhzavodskaya St., 106.

Bodies:8 (351) 750-59-90, 750-59-80.


Rolled a lawn, "House-keeper the City" the House-keeper - it does not mean bad. This type of a lawn grass is the fine choice of a lawn for giving or a cottage. It perfectly maintains mechanical loadings and with its help it is possible to equip safely playgrounds and platforms for various picnics. At cultivation of this species of a lawn grass 3 grades of a meadow grass of the American selection are applied. A difference, unlike other species of a lawn grass only that it possesses in not so saturated green color. At the same time perfectly maintains ice cold winter and practically without rains. Does not demand to himself responsible leaving at all, however, once a week needs to be watered it.

The rolled lawn or still it is called a ready lawn in rolls - it is natural cespitose the cover from long-term cereals of a lawn grass which is grown up on special technology which allows to cut off and roll a lawn to transport it on other site and to lay, having created thereby a new lawn on the place where still yesterday there was a pure earth.

Professionally grown up within three years, specially picked up travosmes for changeable climate of the Ural region. Dense (10 thousand escapes on 1 sq.m), uniform, darkly green dernina - here the main advantages of our rolled lawn. Weeds will not break through your lawn within two years on condition of a regular hairstyle of a lawn (1 times in 7 days). Our rolled lawn consists of 100% of a meadow grass meadow that allows it to be very steady against trampling and at the same time to be very soft and pleasant at circulation barefoot.

We offer the device of a rolled lawn our "turnkey" experts. It guarantees high level of work performance, the minimum terms and a guarantee for a lawn. The device of a rolled lawn includes all necessary complex of works: preparation of the basis of a site, if necessary cut and export not of suitable soil, delivery on a site of fertile soil, alignment and consolidation of soil, delivery and laying of a lawn, rolling (consolidation) of a lawn, watering.

Important component in further high-quality care of a rolled lawn is regular watering. Therefore it is desirable to provide installation of system of automatic watering of a lawn on your site, it is very convenient and useful both for a lawn and for other plants system. As a rule, the owner of a site, watering a lawn - does not water it, and moistens "grass" whereas it is necessary to water roots of this "grass". Water has to get into soil on depth of 4-6 cm, here and it turns out that, on 5 hundred parts of a lawn will be required to at least 10 m3 of water to pour out 10 m3 of water seven hours of your time will be required by one garden hose, and pledge of an ideal lawn is a watering.

The direct relations with the leading producers and regular, weekly deliveries allow our company to offer you the lowest prices of a rolled lawn in Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region.

In confirmation of our quality rolled lawn and the provided services get acquainted with ours of photo galleries. We place only author's photos, i.e. the works performed by the staff of our company.

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Rolled lawn "House-keeper the City
Rolled lawn "House-keeper the City
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