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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Rosin and turpentine are applied in many branches of a national economy as in the natural form, and in the form of the numerous derivatives.

The main consumers of rosin are: paper industry, electrotechnical, rubber, paint and varnish, fatty, plastmassny, food, etc. The paper industry applies rosin in the form of gloss oil glue to gluing of writing and printing papers. In the electrotechnical industry rosin is applied as dielectric to production of electroinsulating materials and compounds for filling of couplings, transformers, etc. In the electrotechnical industry special attention yes electroinsulating properties of rosin is paid. Crystallized rosin is not dielectric any more, and carries well out electric current. Forest chemical industry develops from crude turpentine special grades of uncrystallizable rosin for the cable industry. Such rosin is called cable. Good pitch, with high electroinsulating properties the oxidized pitch received from a fir-tree serka is. It is used at impregnation of windings and as a filler for oil transformers. In paint and varnish industry from rosin produce varnishes. Rosin forms a basis of varnishes here. That the gloss oil film was not fragile and quickly worn out, in paint and varnish industry rosin air is widely used. Rosin is also a part of typographical and lithographic paints in the printing industry. In rubber industry rosin goes for production of linoleum, a galoshny varnish, and also is entered into structure of technical rubber products for giving of elasticity and frost resistance to them (tire covers, etc.) . Rosin is of great importance in production of synthetic rubber, as the substance accelerating process of polymerization of monomers. In production of artificial pitches rosin is applied at production albertoly, in the food industry — to production of a bottle smolka and enameling of barrels, in construction — to production of artificial drying oil and glue, in metallurgical — to a tinning and the soldering at exact molding from non-ferrous metals.
Rosin is applied and plant louses of preparation of a kreolin, jellied greasings, sealing waxes, the smolok, sticky fly traps etc. is used. Special grades of so-called violin rosin are used for a natirka of bows at musical instruments. Rosin scopes in a national economy continuously extend.
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