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Salt lamp Scala of 10-15 kg

Salt lamp Scala of 10-15 kg

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The salt Rock lamp of 10-14 kg are the unique subject of an interior filling room space with health and positive energy. Thanks to impressive proportions this lamp it will be favorable to look in big rooms, on the chimney shelf or a massive dresser. The big sizes of the lamp promote its fruitful working capacity: the area of the ionization made lamps exceeds 25 square meters! One lamp suffices to optimize air in half of small apartment!
Salt lamps are the unique devices created by the nature. Rock salt of which they are made, the most ancient on the planet. It is more than 500 has some years, it is also got only in one place on a terrestrial sphere - in the Himalayas, in the territory of Pakistan. When heating from an electric lamp or a candle flame salt allocates negatively charged ions, and air to which we breathe, becomes fresh, like sea air after a storm. Negatively charged ions kill pathogenic microorganisms, work as natural antioxidant and help to treat and prevent a wide range of diseases. The result of action of salt lamps is similar on that, as in the known chandelier of Chizhevsky, with only one difference: salt lamps "work" much more softly because process of radiation of ions goes to them natural rates.
Many checked on themselves, sea air is how useful. Having visited the sea coast, we are loaded with positive energy, we restore forces, we increase working capacity, we feel a tone and vital energy. The secret of fast restoration of an organism at the sea is simple: air which we inhale near the sea contains invisible particles of sea salt which, connecting to water molecules, ionizes air and fills us with forces from within.
However not everyone can be on the sea coast and restore health as often as it is necessary. The simple solution is salt lamps.
Plafonds of salt lamps are made manually of the salt extracted from deep in the Himalayas mountains. The technology on which salt lamps are made is so unique that allows to keep natural forms and crystal structure of salt. Be sure that your lamp is unique: each lamp has no copy, it is executed in the single copy by skillful hands of professionals. The salt lamp combines useful qualities of sea salt and the pacifying play of light, making the way through thickness of crystals of salt.
Each plafond of a salt lamp is processed manually, representing incredibly beautiful element of an interior and the air ionizer, useful to health. The objects surrounding us daily allocating radio waves – Microwave ovens, mobile phones, TVs, computers and bad ecology constitute danger of death to our health. Salt lamps are capable during the short period of time to neutralize negative allocations of devices and to restore harmony.
Scientists proved efficiency of salt lamps. The minerals which are contained in sea salt begin to affect an organism almost instantly, get into biochemical processes quicker, than medicines, are harmless to people and animals, contribute to normalization of the broken processes of an organism and do not destroy environment. In addition, salt lamps promote elimination of so-called geopathogenic zones: places where the person feels inconveniently, suffers from sleeplessness, a breakdown and a depression.
Unique properties of a salt lamp are caused by three major factors supplementing each other: chemical physical properties of natural sea salt, the color of a lamp and light radiated by it.
Use of a salt lamp helps to purify rather air indoors – it occurs even quicker, than when airing the room. Color of the chosen lamp purposefully fixes this or that problem (read in the section "Frequently asked questions" in more detail), and the gentle light published by a salt lamp does not harm eyes, affects soothingly nervous system and weakens.
Salt lamps are recommended for treatment of people with the weakened immunity, bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, obstructive bronchitis, bronchitis of the smoker, allergic rhinitis, for prevention of FLU, cold and viral infections. Salt lamps promote treatment and prevention of pharyngitises, laryngitis, diseases of cardiovascular system, help to reduce fatigue and to restore forces, to normalize arterial pressure, to level psycho – an emotional state and to gradually restore normal activity of all organism.
Salt lamps have no contraindications – they so softly and effectively influence the person that are recommended even to children and elderly people. Care about health and invaluable advantage to an organism – it is incredibly simple, effective and beautiful!
Adherents of the doctrine the Fan – Shui I allocate salt lamps with magic effect: the houses established in adverse places or office salt lamps clear rooms of negative energy and fill space around themselves with the positive energy bringing good luck, spiritual and material benefits.
The salt lamp "Rock" ― is an ideal gift as to itself, and relatives. The care about health and the invaluable help to an organism is that the little that will be presented to you by a salt lamp "Rock".
Rock lamps give health and positive emotions where it is convenient to you – at work or at home. Force of salt lamps consists in their unique property to instantly fill air with negatively charged ions, thereby well affecting a human body and eliminating a number of diseases, increasing immunity, normalizing a microclimate indoors and attracting positive energy. Around the world use of salt lamps at treatment of nervous breakdowns and mentalities, for activization of work of kidneys, a bladder and a pancreas practices.
Salt lamp "Rock" ― this purposeful action on a human body and the help of that part of an organism which most of all needs it: correctly picked up color of a plafond of a lamp helps to overcome that illness on which this tsvetoterapiya is calculated (read in the section "Frequently asked questions", a hyperlink in more detail).
Salt lamp "Rock" ― this fine decoration of any interior. The gentle diffused light will decorate any room, giving heat, a cosiness and romantic mood.
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Salt lamp Scala of 10-15 kg
Salt lamp Scala of 10-15 kg
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