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Self-cleaning centrifugal filter

Self-cleaning centrifugal filter

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Russia, Kropotkin
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЭлеватормельмаш
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Self - cleaning centrifugal filter is designed for continuous cleaning from mechanical impurities of vegetable oils obtained at oil mills.

The filter should be operated indoors at an ambient temperature of + 3 . . . + 40 ° С and relative air humidity up to 80% at a temperature of + 20 ° С. Filtered oil temperature is not less than 80 ° С.


The main parameters and dimensions of the centrifugal filter are shown in the table:

No. The name of indicators Unit rev. U10 - FC U10 - FC - M
1 Technical performance, no matter kg / h 4000 1000
2 Installed capacity, no more kWh 18.5 3.0
3 Filter surface area of one element m 2 0.6 0.25
4 Total area of filtration surface m 2 11.4 3.7
five The temperature of the oil supplied for cleaning does not change C ° 20 ÷ 80
6 Oil pressure during filtration MPa 0.07
7 Weight sludge by weight, no more
- before filtration % 0.8
- after filtration % 0.02
eight Duration of shaft rotation during cleaning, no more min 1
nine Frequency of mechanical cleaning, once per shift (8 hours) 1
ten Overall dimensions, no more
- length mm 1900 1500
- width mm 1350 1000
- height mm 3325 2840
eleven Weight, no more Kg 1800 750

Product structure and delivery set

Supplied assembled.

The device and principle of operation of the centrifugal filter.

Self - cleaning centrifugal filter consists of a body in the form of a cylinder and a conical bottom. The top of the filter is covered with a cover. A hollow shaft with a set of filter discs and spacer sleeves is located inside the cylinder. The disks are made in the form of a ray grating and covered with a filter cloth.

The shaft with disks is periodically scrolled. At the bottom of the shaft there is an agitator for unloading sludge through the hatch. In the upper part of the cortus there is a pipe for supplying oil to the filter. A branch pipe serves to release air from the filter when filling it with oil. The filter is equipped with an inspection hatch. In the conical part of the filter there is a branch pipe for periodic flushing.

The oil, previously cleaned of coarse suspended particles, enters the filter housing through a branch pipe and fills the space between the filter discs. Having passed the filter cloth, the oil goes through the channels to the hollow shaft and flows through the holes to the inside of the shaft, then it leaves the filter through the outlet pipe. Oil filtration is carried out with stationary discs. When the pressure on the filter exceeds 0.07 MPa, the filter surface is cleaned and the sludge is removed from the filter using a stirrer through the hatch. Suspended particles deposited on the filter cloth are removed due to centrifugal force, which throws them off the discs when the shaft is rotated.

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Self-cleaning centrifugal filter
Self-cleaning centrifugal filter
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