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Set for heating of the CH(CHT)-18-1476 82 pipeline of m buy in Novosibirsk
Buy Set for heating of the CH(CHT)-18-1476 82 pipeline of m
Set for heating of the CH(CHT)-18-1476 82 pipeline of m

Set for heating of the CH(CHT)-18-1476 82 pipeline of m

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  • BrandЧуваштеплокабель
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Set for heating of the CH(CHT)-18-1476 82 pipeline of m

This system can be used as over a pipe, and inside. The cable can be used in sewer drains.


The cable heating system of pipelines and tanks protects pipelines (water supply systems) with hot and cold water and tanks from freezing, oil pipelines and pipes for pumping of other liquids and chemicals from obstruction or crystallization of substance.

Cable heating system of pipelines and tanks, maintaining temperature demanded by technology, the heating system of pipelines, allows:

·                      to keep the size of kinematic viscosity of a product, without having allowed creation of traffic jams and a stop of the pipeline -

·                      to prevent loss of firm fractions from the transported product -

·                      to increase the speed of transportation of a product - to start the pipeline, partially or completely filled with a product, after a stop -

·                      to provide the guaranteed discharge of viscous products from the tank for the shortened period.

·                      To prevent a rupture of a water supply system as a result of water freezing.

The main problems which are solved by a heating system of pipelines

·                      Prevention of freezing and condensation of liquid in the pipeline. It belongs not only to protection of water supply systems in winter time, but also to heating oil and products pipelines for prevention of excessive solidification of products, even in the countries with warm climate.

·                      Compensation of heatlosses. It is important when temperature of liquid or gas at the exit of the pipeline has to be same, as well as on an entrance, i.e. heating compensates a pipe thermolysis to the environment. Provides a warming up of the stopped pipeline up to the technological temperature.

·                      Technological heating. It is a case at which in a pipe it is necessary to maintain temperature in the set range for this process. The heating system at the same time has to have a power stock if process goes with absorption of heat.

·                      Starting warming up. The system has to warm the liquid flowing on a pipe on the active site to provide normal conditions of its transportation on the pipeline rest.

Field of use:

·                      Pipelines

·                      Water supply systems

·                      Pipes in rooms

·                      Pipes on the street, as above the ground, and underground

·                      Tanks

·                      The sewerage (the sections SN-18 have a cover steady against alkalescent and hydrochloric solutions)

The system of protection of pipes against freezing can be installed as outside, and in a pipe.

Advantages of use of system:

·                      Pipes, free from ice

·                      Protection of fire pipelines against freezing

·                      Reduction of a depth of pipelines

·                      Lack of costs of repairs after heavy winter

Set of cable heating system 

1.              A heating cable – the section SN-18 220 V, 50 Hz.

2.              Temperature regulator. *

3.              The electroadjusting products (OUZO, magnetic actuators) established in CM (case of management).*

4.              Assembly boxes (connection, branching).*

5.              Folgoskotch – a self-adhesive aluminum tape.

6.              Thermal insulation (thickness not less than 10 mm).*

* B this package of delivery are not included 


When using for heating of plastic pipes, it is necessary to impose before laying of a cable a pipe surface folgoskotch. It is necessary evenly to distribute heat from a cable and by that to prevent damage of a pipe.

The producer - Chuvashteplokabel
Additional characteristics
Supply voltage 220 V
Type of a heating cable resistive
Specific power of a cable 18 W/m
Length of the power cable of section 2 m
Length of a heating cable 82 m
Section power 1476 W
Reinforced folgoskotch in a set 4 rolls
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Set for heating of the CH(CHT)-18-1476 82 pipeline of m
Set for heating of the CH(CHT)-18-1476 82 pipeline of m
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