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Set Individual Medical Civil Protection of the UNIT

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Technical characteristics
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KIMGZ of "Unit" is accepted on supply of Emercom of Russia of 01.11.2006 with the order of the Minister No. 633.

KIMGZ of "Unit" - is intended for first aid, both the self-help, and mutual aid, at emergence of an emergency situation in the defeat centers with the purpose to warn or as much as possible to weaken effects of influence of the striking factors of the chemical, radiation and biological nature.

For laying of investments the bag which represents the valve, the main cover into which the pocket lining where four offices for special laying are provided is inserted (styptic, disinfecting napkins, a dressing package, burn down a styptic, oral air duct), and also the additional coming unfastened patchpocket - an insert with horizontal offices for an investment of anti-pillboxes is used.

The bag has a rectangular shape, a zone belt - the clamp consisting of polyethylene slings and the main fabric with plastic carbines which provides adjustment on waist volume. The bag valve completely closes and protects a pocket insert from damages and mechanical influences, it is supplied with a fastener on a contact tape.


Investment Appointment Type of packaging Number of piece
1 Meksidol solution of 5% Cure for FOV poisoning Ampoule 1
2 Atsizol Carbon oxide anti-pillbox it is put by the customer
3 Sodium thiosulphate solution of 30% Anti-pillbox at poisoning with cyanides Ampoule 1
4 Ammonia solution of 10% Means from the irritating substances Ampoule (bottle) 1
5 Ketorol solution of 30 mg/ml Antipainful means Ampoule 1
6 The plait is styptic Styptic product Package 1
7 Oral air duct Airwater product Package 1
8 Styptic napkin Styptic means Package 1
9 Disinfecting napkin Means for disinfection of hands Package 1
10 The package is dressing Dressing means Package 3
11 Hot-water bottle The warming product Package 1
12 No. 2 doxycycline 0,2 Antibacterial means Case 1
13 Potassium iodide 0,125 No. 10 Radio protectant Case 1

Antipainful means, nest No. 1 (ketorol). It is applied at fractures, extensive wounds and burns. A preparation for intramuscular application, it is possible through clothes.

Cure for poisoning with cyanides, nest No. 2 (sodium thiosulphate). About 10 ml are entered intravenously. at emergence in environment of a smell of bitter almonds and emergence of bitterness in a mouth, metal smack, a salivation, dizziness, nausea, noise in ears, short wind, pains in heart, sensation of fear, spasms and loss of consciousness, at emergence of emergency situations in places of possible infection with cyanides. In 30 minutes it is possible to repeat introduction of a preparation. Children after two years are given half-doses.

Cure for FOV poisoning, nest No. 3 (meksidol). To apply on a signal of civil defense, to enter intramuscularly. At medical emergencies it is possible to enter through clothes. To children of 5-12 years enter 1 ml. preparation.

Anti-pillbox at poisoning with carbon oxide, a nest No. 4 (atsizol). Accept 1 capsule at long stay in the smoke-filled room, in the burning wood, at emergence of the symptoms of intoxication carbon monoxide which are characterized by emergence of dizziness, the pulsing temple pain, noise in ears, muscular weakness, an incoordination, nausea, vomiting, hearing impairment and sight, development of spasms and loss of consciousness. Children after two years are given preparation half-doses.

Anti-pillbox from the irritating substances, a nest No. 6 (ammonia). To break off a neck of an ampoule and to inhale contents of volatiles (to repeat several times before reduction of the symptoms provided below) at impact of the irritating substances on an organism and emergence of symptoms of intoxication the irritating substances - burnings, severe gripes in eyes, plentiful dacryagogue, feeling of a sore throat, uncontrollable sneezing, sharp cough and breast pain. Means to apply only to inhalation.

Radio protectant, nest No. 7 (potassium iodide). To accept daily to adults and children, after 2 years on 1 tablet at threat of radioactive infection to Children till 2 years 1/3 tablets daily.

Antibacterial means, nest No. 8 (doxycycline). Case contents (2 capsules) at threat or bacterial infection are accepted, and also at wounds and burns, washing down with water. Reception of a preparation is forbidden children till 8 years, children from 8 to 12 years on reception are given 1 capsule.

Package dressing - for rendering the first medical most and mutual aid. At wounds of any character to open a package and to apply a bandage a wound surface.

Plait styptic - at severe bleeding to impose it above the place of bleeding, to enclose a note with the indication of time of imposing of a plait.

Styptic - to impose napkins the painted party on a wound, to press on one - two minutes. To record, applying a package dressing or make-shifts.

Napkins disinfecting - to open and process the polluted sites of skin, devices and other surfaces.

Oral - to apply an air duct to ensuring free passing of air during an artificial respiration and to ventilation of lungs at poisoning (throat hypostasis, sticking of language). Previously to press a language root a finger and to enter an air duct into a trachea the curved end.

The set is supplied with an autonomous source of heat which is applied at low temperatures to the prevention of freezing of anti-pillboxes in ampoules.

Technical characteristics of KIMGZ of "Unit":

Overall dimensions of a case, mm: 150±5 x 150±5 x 50±2
Length of a zone belt, cm: 200±20

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Set Individual Medical Civil Protection of the UNIT
Set Individual Medical Civil Protection of the UNIT
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