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SIR-20 rubber (Natural)

SIR-20 rubber (Natural)

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Natural rubber belongs to Hevea rubber as its production which is traditionally delivered from the place. The main raw materials for production of natural rubber - the natural rubber latex which is the liquid emitted generally rubber trees and, in particular, a rubber-bearing plant of Hevea Brasiliensis. This liquid consists of water solution of the organic and mineral substances (proteins, fatty acids and their derivatives, salts, sugars and glycosides) containing from 30 to 40% of rubber in suspension (namely, a polyisoprene of high molecular weight).
Coagulation of natural rubber latex happens in tanks of various forms which can be supplied with mobile partitions. To separate rubber globula from water sulfur, latex is coagulated by easy acidulation, for example, 1% acetic acid or 0,5% formic acid. At the end of process the product of coagulation is removed in the form of a plate or the continuous belt.
The subsequent processing depends on what are made products smoked sheets either light or brown crêpes, repeatedly agglomerated granules or freely loose powders.
The main countries producers of natural rubber are Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, and also the countries which are territorially located in a so-called "rubber belt". To the strip 1500 km wide stretched along the equator.
Distinguish the following types of natural rubber:
rubber sheets RSS (USS)

For production of sheets the rubber tape moves on rolling, and the last group of rollers ottiskivat on a tape surface characteristic marking (for simplification of drying by increase in the area of evaporation). As the rubber tape (thickness from 3 to 4 mm) descends from rollers, it is cut on sheets. Then they are placed in drying or in the koptilny cell. The purpose of smoking is drying of rubber and impregnation by its kreozotovy substances which serve as antioxidants and antiseptics.
Sheets are also made by means of the following process: after coagulation of latex in cylindrical tanks the coagulate is cut layers on long films which then cut on sheets and dried up (usually without smoking).
Natural rubber in that look as it is described above, is usually delivered on the market, according to the appearance in the forms and brands conforming to the international standards established by the relevant international organizations.
The most widespread types are smoked sheets and their cutting (RSS), the corrugated and dried-up on air sheets (USS).

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SIR-20 rubber (Natural)
SIR-20 rubber (Natural)
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